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Round 2 - Complete!


The weather didn't hold out for long today, but all drivers showing off their driving skills in mixed conditions throughout the day!

We got to see the Rotax Cadet and Intermax classes show their true performance in today's races.

Our Commentator, Alex Downes, has written up his quick round-up of Round 2:

Honda Cadet's were back in a larger grid than last, where we saw Nikita Roberts, one of our Novice drivers hanging onto the back of the front pack where we saw 2 drivers battling it out all day. Jenson Hookey and Ethan Cossins managed to find themselves battling for position lap on lap. Hookey claiming the top spots for Heats 1 & 2, but the conditions slowing him down slightly for a long awaited Heat 3 finishing 3rd after being overtaken by Luke McGall and Ethan Cossins. Well done to all the Honda Cadet drivers and top Novice for Nikita Roberts!

Heat 2 for the Rotax Cadets saw a change in conditions during the race. The leader at the time, Sebastian Bearman, was caught off guard with the weather and slowed his pace down slightly. Now this saw a novice (on their debut by the way) overtaking the leader and managing to finish on the top spot! Well done Kirk Caplin! Sebastian Bearman in heats 1 and 3 ended up on the top spots after walking away at the starts. Well done to all drivers!

In Intermax we got to see how competitve this grid can be. But not for one, as our runner up in the Honda Cadet's last year, Eva Morris, was able to find herself flying through the grid up into the top spot on all 3 heats! That didnt stop the other drivers behind her from catching up as we saw futher action from the rest of the grid.

Junior Rotax saw a return of 25 drivers... wow. Benjamin Bartlett taking the top spot at the end of the day. We saw one red flag due to the change in weather conditions and a little pileup saw Heat 2 restarted with all drivers. This saw Barrlett's first and only race win of the day whilst still being highly competitve in 6th for the other two heats.

Senior Rotax returns with 16 drivers. Leo Purches' day saw him battling in all areas of the field. Coming 3rd, 5th and 1st we saw a lot of defending from the driver, but all speed. Another competitve grid as to be expected from the Seniors! We even got to see a little cross country experience with Cameron Crockett at the esses. Our top novice, Patrick Williams-Raahauge, was showing us a little hint of his potential today. With his highest ever finish on the road of 7th in Heat 2.

177 Rotax saw the biggest grid for them in a long while, 10 drivers took to the track and gave us some long awaited competition. Harrison Crook had some pace throughout the day as once he got the front, there was no going back as he dissapeared from the rest of the grid. Anwar Beroual Smith saw him at all places of the grid, finishing in the top 3 for Heats 1 and 3, and 5th for Heat 2. Giving him the win for the 177 Masters.

Overall, some amazing racing to commentate on once again. Would have been interesting to see what would have come from the finals, which were cancelled due to the weather conditions and time.

That is all from us this month, we return with Round 3 of the Clay Pigeon Kart Club Championships on Sunday 9th April.

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