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Half Way Through The Season!

Ladies and Gents, we are coming up to being half way through the 2023 season!

Round 5 is next 😁

Save the date... 11th June 2023! 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁

Entries are OPEN via our website:

We cannot wait to see you all again soon!

Round 4 was a blast full of non-stop action from all of our classes.

Round 5 will be back featuring all of our usual classes. We will also be back again LIVE on YouTube covering the day's events (So don't worry if you cannot make it!). We get viewers from all over the world watching you race, and we love it! From the Czech Republic, Sweden and your mum's lounge TV. We thank you all for tuning into the action.

Speaking of action, want to relive the action of Round 4 and the Wessex Challenge?

Also a huge thank you to Nikita Robert's parents for providing us with some lovely drone shots of the circuit! You will notice these across both the Clay Pigeon Kart Club and Clay Pigeon Raceway websites and media posts :)

Wessex Championship results have been uploaded over on our Wessex Championship page and the results from Round 4 on the Sunday have also been transferred over for our 2023 Club Championship too!

Be sure to check them both out and we'll see you all on 11th June for Round 5!

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