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What a Rotax Festival!

Last year, i thought we had an amazing event.

This year, so more more blood, sweat and tears have gone into this event from some of the best Rotax drivers in the country! Thrills, spills and more were had – all for the cause of proving themselves and claiming the 2018/19 O Plate!

For those lucky winners however, that’s not all they’ll get.

Courtesy of the Amazing JAG ROTAX, the winners will walk away with brand, spanking new Rotax Short Engines, and our runners up will get prizes too.

Congratulations, once again, to our provisional O Plate champions.

Whilst the judicials and final scrutineering checks take place, i would like to thank our Marshals and Officials. Without them taking time out of their weekend to officiate and help to ensure competitor safety, we wouldn’t be able to run our events. Thank you to all of the extra hands we have in the paddock, overseeing the Regulation Tyres. Thank you to our commentator, Sam Hunt, who does an amazing job every time he steps into that commentary box. Thank you to our competitors, we love to hold events for you, and as long as you keep coming back, we’ll do what we can to keep these events running! Thank you to the management and staff of the Clay Pigeon Raceway for their help and assistance in running all of events, not to mention this weekend’s Rotax Festival. Last, but by no means least, thank you, once again, to JAG Rotax for their continued support for the #RotaxFestival. This is certainly a highlight of our calendar, and their support goes a long, long way to helping us celebrate one of the strongest manufacturer’s in the country.

Results from this weekend’s racing can be found in all their glory, over at and a recap of the action can be found on our YouTube channel, over at

The 2019 Rotax Festival has already been booked for the 17th and 18th August, so if you weren’t able to make it for some reason this year, you have 12 months to make sure you book the time off work – you’ll be knackered, but you’ll be knackered with a massive smile on your face!

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