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A Fantastic Start to the Year!

It was cold, wet at points, but it all turned out ok!

With the exception of the Nose Cone Official, that was quite a relaxed day as driving standards are concerned! With only a handful of penalties, almost entirely made up of technical infringements, the driving standards were fantastic! Congratulations to all involved! And a quarter-to-four finish! How could we possibly complain?!?

As of writing this post, we’re still waiting on the final couple of results to be published, but when they are, you can be one of the first to know., just head over to our results page at to check them out.

As with the first round, every year, we have an influx of new members who sign up when signing on. It’ll take a little time to process these completely and make sure championship points are allocated correctly, so please excuse the delay while this is done. We’ll let you know when the championship tables are published.

In the mean time, please do take care, have a safe drive home and get your entry in for Round 2 of the CPKC 2019 Championship by filling in your details at

Finally, we can’t put a post up without thanking our Marshals, Officials and other volunteers who show up, month on month, in the rain, shine, snow or hurricanes, to allow us to put these events on for you!

We’ll see you again on the 10th March for more (hopefully warmer) fun!

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