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The Summer Continues

The 8th Round has been and gone and provided us with some fantastic racing all day, with the odd spill amongst the thrills..

2 Red Flags, 2 Barrel Rolls (everyone was ok!) and an NKRA Grand Final later, the day is winding down.

Results are still provisional whilst the last of the scruiteneering and judicial matters are wrapped up, but they can be found in all their glory at

Thank you to all of the 106 drivers who came to race with us this weekend, some faces and names we haven’t seen in a while mixed in with those regulars who just love to come to their favourite circuit and see how close to the floor they can get their right foot! Thank you to all of the marshals and officials who make these events possible, thank you to the circuit and restaurant staff and thank you to everyone who joined us on live timing and the live stream from home.

Congratulations to today’s victors. We hope you can all share their excitement at the trophy presentation in a few minutes.

The next Round of the CPKC Championship is the 14th October, we hope you can all make it back again for the 9th, and penultimate round!

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