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THE Event is soon upon us!


Thanks to Max Tadd for the poster

Don’t forget that Round 8 will be hosting our Cancer Research UK fundraiser where proceeds from the weekend will go towards researching the horrendous diseases and finding more successful and less invasive treatments and cures. With the leaps and bounds made in recent history, chances of survival are better than ever. Only through funding and research has this been possible.

We are proud to have raised tens of thousands of pounds since starting our annual fundraiser and we hope to keep that going long into the future.

If there is one event you join us for, make sure its this one. Get your entries in and spread the word. Were looking for maxed out grids across the board!

The Saturday night will host a sponsored Bike and Scooter race for the with RC Cars after. Don’t forget that the decked-out Pit Stop Cafe in the new building will be serving top-notch food and drink into the evening, so there will be something to do and somewhere to go for all ages.

All Rotax, TKM, Honda and IAME are welcome, so make sure your free on the 9th October and get your entries in at Dont forget that you can enter now and pay later by backing out of the registration process at the point of payment.

There has never been a more enjoyable way to battle one of the worst diseases of our time.

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