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So that is all ladies and gents, Round 10 is over, the 2022 season is over...

What a day of action packed racing from all of the drivers today. We were joined for the final time this year by the Formula Blue's with the 2 Counies Kart Club, with a packed out Senior Blue grid and the Junior Blue's joining the back of our Minimax grid.

So the winners then, well here they are in the winners post!

A further congratulations to the Junior Blue winner, Rhys Read and the Senior Blue winner, David Watts.

We were live with our commentator Alex Downes over on our YouTube channel, so if you wish to re-watch the live events from today, click this link:

For the championship standings then, welllllll... you'll just have to wait and see 😉

Thank you ALL for an amazing 2022. Thank you for all the support throughout the year. Thank you to all of our Marshalls, Officals, CPKC and CPR team for helping out this year, because without all of you we won't be able to run these race meetings! We wish there was more, but 2023 is when it all starts over once again!


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