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Thank You!

Its been a busy couple of weeks, especially for the amazing staff at the Clay Pigeon Raceway for going above and beyond to help prep the circuit for last weekends Super One Series visit.

We would also like to extend our thanks to those volunteers who went out of their way to help in the final days, as well as over the weekend. Without your help, the event would not run as smooth as it did.

Most importantly, a special thanks to the Super One Series itself for bringing the British Championships back to Clay Pigeon Raceway for another year. The circuit has a long history of hosting National events, playing host to numerous British Championship rounds, to be able to continue hosting them is an absolute pleasure, a sentiment we hope is shared by the organisers of the series.

We have had a lot of very positive feedback from many of the competitors, friends and family over the weekend. We would like to thank those who came forward, your feedback is always very much appreciated, especially when so much hard work goes into the preparation of the circuit and facilities.

Now, back to regularly scheduled programming! We are just days away from the next round of the Clay Pigeon Kart Club Championship. If you haven’t yet got your entry in, please ensure you do so as soon as you can. Online entries will be closed at some point on Saturday, when the grids are prepared, but there is no reason to leave it until the last second. Don’t risk starting from the back of the grid and get your entry in now!

Don’t forget that entries are open for all of our rounds this year, including the second instalment of the Rotax Festival. Make sure you get plenty of racing practice in – with ALL the O plates on offer, the competition will be stiff!


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