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Statement from the Committee

There has been many posts on social media since the Rotax Festival and the club has tried not to get involved in the on line debate, but following the comments posted today including one from the club posted in the heat of the moment, we have decided to make one final statement on the matter.

The CPKC committee organise events because we enjoy watching kart racing. We try to make our events enjoyable for everyone. To do this we have to ask other people to come and officiate at the meetings on our behalf. They do so because they also love karting.

It’s getting harder and harder to find officials who will come to karting events. Most who do are of an age where they are starting to question why they get up early in the morning to travel to an event, spend all day often in cold wet conditions and get home late at night all for the love of the sport.

When they start to get verbal abuse or on line abuse thrown at them because someone doesn’t like their decision, you can see why there are fewer and fewer officials willing to come to events.

Over the past few months, our officials have been subjected to abuse from one driver and his father, both during the event and even continuing after the event has finished which has culminated in the club losing one official and another contemplating quitting as well.

This is the reason why we have taken the decision to cancel a drivers club membership and we will continue to take this stance to protect officials at our meetings otherwise it may come that we will not be able to run meetings due to a lack of officials.

There is no club member more important than the club regardless of how long a person has been involved with the club.

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