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Rotax Regional Championships

Calling all Rotax drivers, don’t forget that we are proudly hosting the first round of the Rotax Regional (South West) Championships on June 12th.

Registrations are free for the series, but do need to be done so in advance of your participation. So, what are you waiting for? – just head on over to or give us a shout to get yourself on the books for the 4 round shoot-out that will crown some of you, Champions in the South West.

For those of you who are concerned about how this may affect your club championship, don’t! – the points will be collated separately and against those drivers you are in direct competition with. With regards to our championship tyre regulations, even if you use a fresh set every meeting, you’ll be on your last fresh set ready for the weekend.

For free registration, and an excuse to visit the other fantastic tracks in the region, sign up now. (Just make sure you get to Round 1! 😉 )

Don’t forget that there are still 2 more rounds before the Regional Champs kick off, make sure you get as much practice as you can and come join in the fun!


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