• Alex Downes

Rotax Festival Timetable

For those of you tuning in at home, wanting to know when and where to get the latest from the #RotaxFestival, be sure to check out our Live Stream at http://live.alphatiming.co.uk/cpkc

For full immersion, check out the live stream over at http://www.youtube.com/claypigeonkartclub/live where you can get the fantastic commentary from Sam Hunt alongside the live timing.

The timetable has been published and is as follows:Minimax Practice 1Saturday 10:30AMJunior Rotax Pratice 1 – ODDSSaturday 10:45AMJunior Rotax Pratice 1 – EVENS inc ESaturday 11:00AMSenior Rotax Practice 1 – ODDS inc OSaturday 11:15AMSenior Rotax Practice 1 – EVENS inc ESaturday 11:30AMRotax 177 & Masters Practice 1Saturday 11:45AMMinimax Practice 2Saturday 12:00PMJunior Rotax Pratice 2 – ODDSSaturday 12:15PMJunior Rotax Pratice 2 – EVENS inc E – copySaturday 12:30PMSenior Rotax Practice 2 – ODDS inc OSaturday 12:45PMSenior Rotax Practice 2 – EVENS inc E – copySaturday 1:00PMRotax 177 & Masters Practice 2Saturday 1:15PMMinimax QualifyingSaturday 2:00PMJunior Max Qualifying – ODDSSaturday 2:15PMJunior Max Qualifying EVENS inc ESaturday 2:30PMSenior Rotax Qualifying – ODDS inc OSaturday 2:45PMSenior Rotax Qualifying – EVENS inc ESaturday 3:00PMRotax 177 & Masters QualifyingSaturday 3:15PMMinimax Heat 1Saturday 3:45PMJunior Rotax Heat 1Saturday 4:05PMSenior Rotax Heat 1 AvBSaturday 4:25PMSenior Rotax Heat 2 CvDSaturday 4:45PMRotax 177 & Masters Heat 1Saturday 5:05PMMinimax PracticeSunday 9:30AMJunior Rotax Practice ODDSSunday 9:35AMJunior Rotax Practice EVENS inc ESunday 9:40AMSenior Rotax Practice ODDS inc OSunday 9:45AMSenior Rotax Practice EVENS in ESunday 9:50AMRotax 177 & Masters PracticeSunday 9:55AMMinimax Heat 2Sunday 10:15AMJunior Rotax Heat 2Sunday 10:35AMSenior Rotax Heat 3 AvCSunday 10:55AMSenior Rotax Heat 4 BvDSunday 11:15AMRotax 177 & Masters Heat 2Sunday 11:35AMMinimax Heat 3Sunday 11:55AMJunior Rotax Heat 3Sunday 12:15PMSenior Rotax Heat 5 BvCSunday 12:35PMSenior Rotax Heat 6 AvDSunday 12:55PMRotax 177 & Masters Heat 3Sunday 1:15PMSenior Rotax B FinalSunday 2:15PMMinimax FinalSunday 2:40PMJunior Rotax FinalSunday 3:05PMSenior Rotax FinalSunday 3:30PMRotax 177 & Masters FinalSunday 3:55PM


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