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Rotax Festival Timetable

For those of you tuning in at home, wanting to know when and where to get the latest from the #RotaxFestival, be sure to check out our Live Stream at

For full immersion, check out the live stream over at where you can get the fantastic commentary from Sam Hunt alongside the live timing.

The timetable has been published and is as follows:Minimax Practice 1Saturday 10:30AMJunior Rotax Pratice 1 – ODDSSaturday 10:45AMJunior Rotax Pratice 1 – EVENS inc ESaturday 11:00AMSenior Rotax Practice 1 – ODDS inc OSaturday 11:15AMSenior Rotax Practice 1 – EVENS inc ESaturday 11:30AMRotax 177 & Masters Practice 1Saturday 11:45AMMinimax Practice 2Saturday 12:00PMJunior Rotax Pratice 2 – ODDSSaturday 12:15PMJunior Rotax Pratice 2 – EVENS inc E – copySaturday 12:30PMSenior Rotax Practice 2 – ODDS inc OSaturday 12:45PMSenior Rotax Practice 2 – EVENS inc E – copySaturday 1:00PMRotax 177 & Masters Practice 2Saturday 1:15PMMinimax QualifyingSaturday 2:00PMJunior Max Qualifying – ODDSSaturday 2:15PMJunior Max Qualifying EVENS inc ESaturday 2:30PMSenior Rotax Qualifying – ODDS inc OSaturday 2:45PMSenior Rotax Qualifying – EVENS inc ESaturday 3:00PMRotax 177 & Masters QualifyingSaturday 3:15PMMinimax Heat 1Saturday 3:45PMJunior Rotax Heat 1Saturday 4:05PMSenior Rotax Heat 1 AvBSaturday 4:25PMSenior Rotax Heat 2 CvDSaturday 4:45PMRotax 177 & Masters Heat 1Saturday 5:05PMMinimax PracticeSunday 9:30AMJunior Rotax Practice ODDSSunday 9:35AMJunior Rotax Practice EVENS inc ESunday 9:40AMSenior Rotax Practice ODDS inc OSunday 9:45AMSenior Rotax Practice EVENS in ESunday 9:50AMRotax 177 & Masters PracticeSunday 9:55AMMinimax Heat 2Sunday 10:15AMJunior Rotax Heat 2Sunday 10:35AMSenior Rotax Heat 3 AvCSunday 10:55AMSenior Rotax Heat 4 BvDSunday 11:15AMRotax 177 & Masters Heat 2Sunday 11:35AMMinimax Heat 3Sunday 11:55AMJunior Rotax Heat 3Sunday 12:15PMSenior Rotax Heat 5 BvCSunday 12:35PMSenior Rotax Heat 6 AvDSunday 12:55PMRotax 177 & Masters Heat 3Sunday 1:15PMSenior Rotax B FinalSunday 2:15PMMinimax FinalSunday 2:40PMJunior Rotax FinalSunday 3:05PMSenior Rotax FinalSunday 3:30PMRotax 177 & Masters FinalSunday 3:55PM


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