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First it rains, then it pours!

Whilst the first rain of the year(?) came and went, it certainly didn’t put a dampener on the racing! – WOW!

The trophy presentation is about to start, and as always, your presence is always appreciated to congratulate our Round 7 winners and runners-up.

Thank you to all of our drivers and spectators for coming today and bearing with the wind and the rain to give us some amazing entertainment. Thank you to our Marshals and Officials, without whom, we wouldn’t be able to run the meetings, and finally, thank you to all of you who tuned into live timing and the live stream of Sam Hunt’s fantastic commentary. Its amazing how one person’s voice can bring a whole new life into an event.

For all you Rotax drivers, don’t forget that there is just 1 more week until the highlight of the 2018 calendar, the Rotax Festival, supported by JAG Rotax. Not only do we have the O Plates, for each Rotax Class, but JAG Have supplied Short Engines as O Plate Prizes, as well as Tyres for the runners up, amongst others on offer. If you haven’t entered yet, you’ don’t have long as entries will close on Tuesday. With 130 drivers already entered, it’s going to be epic!


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