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Another fantastic day of racing draws to a close.

For one of the first events since we bought the tyre regulation in, it has actually rained!

After a hard day’s racing which saw many caught out in changing conditions, we have dropped the chequered flag on the final race. To all drivers who made it to the circuit today, thank you for coming. We have seen some fantastic battles throughout the pack with some true talent on show. Congratulations to all of our days winners, especially those in the Formula Blues who have been competing for the coveted Gold Sovereigns on offer courtesy of the NKRA.

Results, provisional and official are all online at at with the optional break downs that the Alpha Timing system include.

I’m sure many of you are wet, cold and wanting to go home, but please do stick around for another 20 minutes or so and attend the Trophy Presentation. As a club, its always great to see support and congratulations being shared.

For everyone in attendance, thank you again and please do have a safe trip home. Our next event is Round 9 of the CPKC Championship on 8th October and we hope to see you all there.

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