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8th Sept.
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Welcome to Clay Pigeon Kart Club

The British Championships are back!

This weekend, the 17th and 18th of August, the British Kart Championships grace the tarmac of the Clay Pigeon Raceway for the penultimate rounds of the Rotax British Championships 2019.

The newly formed Karting UK leg of Motorsport UK are taking the reigns and hosting the British Kart Championships in 2019, returning to one of the most historic and prestigious circuits in the country, Clay Pigeon Raceway!

Spectators are more than welcome at any of our events, but with Britain’s best taking part, you may find that some of these drivers gracing international television screens in the future.

Saturday beings Practice, Qualifying and the first of the weekends races whilst on Sunday you can expect it to be jam-packed with wheel to wheel racing.

At just £4 per person, per day, with under 12’s free, spectacular racing is cheaper than ever.
Tickets are available at the gate, with parking on site and including access to the Paddock, where you can get up close to the stars of tomorrow.
Amongst the newly-improved facilities at the circuit is a restaurant with the best view in the country!

Want a taster of what’s in store? Check out the playlist from last years Rotax Festival, below.

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After the seventh round of the CPKC 2019 Championship, the tables have now been updated. Head on over to http://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/championship to check out the latest standings.

The Lap Records have also been updated with a new target for IAME in 2019! head on over to http://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/cpkc-track-records to see how high the bar is to live in infamy!

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We knew that today would bring extra numbers (even if we did remove 2 races from the Senior Max line-up as we were a little optimistic with the Senior Max expectations..), but even with the extra numbers, we were able to provide over 36 minutes of wheel to wheel action per driver, with those drivers promoted from the Junior Max B Final to the A Final, racing over 48 minutes!

With that much racing, even our regulars would have been struggling with the heat, as well as the additional traffic, bought to us ahead of next week’s British Kart Championship visit to Clay Pigeon Raceway.

Whilst the racing was spectacular to watch, containing all the highs, lows, intensity and drama that the spectator’s will have loved, from an organisers point of view, we can’t help but feel it wasn’t one of our best events.

Driving standards sometimes looked like something straight out of the BTCC play-book, with accompanying warnings, penalties and exclusions taking their toll on the overall results. This caused almost as much action in the Clerks office as there was on circuit.

Even though there were some regrettable incidents, when the racing got going, it was absolutely fantastic to watch. Whilst some drivers like Maksymilian Solarski made their presence known all day long, other drivers made the most of the hand they were dealt.
Jez Williams, after a disastrous result in heat 1, clawed his way back from throughout heats 2 and 3 to earn a 6th place grid slot for the final. After fighting his way into, what seemed like, a dominant lead, he was the victim of 2 fantastic overtakes to find himself on the third step. Whilst those final 2 laps may have been frustrating, he should be very proud of his performance today.

Our next club event is on the 8th September with Round 8 of the CPKC championship, but of course, next weekend is the British Kart Championships, hosted by us, at the Clay Pigeon Raceway.
We won’t be able to provide the live stream and commentary as this is all handled by the BKC staff, but we’ll give as many updates, as well as where and when to watch, as we know.

Until next time, have a safe drive home and we look forward to seeing you all again.

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Just 1 week separates us from Round 7, the final round before the British Kart Championships arrive at Clay Pigeon Raceway for the penultimate round of the Rotax Championship on 17/18 August.

Make sure you head on over to https://cpkc.alphatiming.co.uk/register/msa to get your entry in.

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With the high of the Rotax festival starting to wear off, our eyes are now on the next round of the CPKC calendar, Round 7.

Whilst it is just another club round, we can expect a larger turnout than normal due to the British Kart Championships visiting for their penultimate Rotax Round the following week, on 17th-18th August.

Entries have been open for a few weeks now, with entries for Round 8 being opened at the closing of the Rotax Festival. Make sure you head on over to https://cpkc.alphatiming.co.uk/register/msa to get your entries in now.

Finally, the Rotax Festival page has been updated, mostly with huge thanks to all involved in making it another spectacular weekend of Rotax Racing.
Thanks once again to everyone involved and we look forward to hosting the Rotax Festival again in 2020!

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I need to do a write up later, so I’ll keep this brief..

Rotax, the most popular class in the South, did not disappoint. Fantastic grids. Fantastic racing.

We also need to say a HUGE thank you to J.A.G Rotax for their continued help, their presence at the weekend and the donation of fantastic prizes for the victors.

Back to the purpose of this post..
After Round 6 of the CPKC Championship incorporating the Rotax Festival, the Championship Tables have been updated!
head on over to http://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/championship/ to check them out.

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Entries are almost full for Junior Max as we have only 3 spaces left and Minimax is close behind with only 7 spaces!

With just 4 days until the Rotax Festival, time is running out to get your entry in and fight for the Rotax ‘E’ Plates!

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Whether you have been catching up on the F1, Moto GP, Touring Cars, British Kart Championship, or managing to keep up with all of it, now is the time to set your sights onto the next Round of the CPKC Championship, incorporating the Rotax Festival!

Entries have been coming in thick and fast, but we still have a little room for those who still want to take part. Get your entries in now at http://cpkc.alphatiming.co.uk/register/msa

We can also announce that prizes will be on offer the Rotax Festival! We’re not yet mentioning what, so make sure you keep your eyes out on our updates this week to see what you could be going home with, as well as the ‘E’ Plates, of course!

© Bertrand Vessier
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It’s just 2 weeks and change until the next milestone of the 2019 season – the Rotax Festival, supported by J.A.G Rotax, we have the ‘E’ Plates on offer for ALL Rotax Classes!

Not just that, but there is NO premium for the event either, with entry fees being exactly that of any other club meeting, at £60 with CPKC members at £50!

With all that in mind, we have taken the decision to cap the entries for the Rotax Festival to 42 drivers per class grouping.
Whilst we would love to just keep the entries rolling in1, we still want to give you some resemblance of value for money. Therefore, the caps have been applied and entries will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

The caps will apply in the following groupings:
Cadets (Honda and IAME combined)
Junior Max
Senior Max
177 (Max and Masters combined)
Formula Blue

Entries are already rolling in, with Junior Max, for example, already at 19 entries as of writing this post.
So, it goes without saying, if you haven’t yet entered for Round 6, incorporating the Rotax Festival, get your entry in as soon as you read this to avoid missing out!

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After a fantastic 5th round of the CPKC Championship, the Championship Tables and Lap Records for 2019 have been updated!

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