Round 9
14th Oct
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Welcome to Clay Pigeon Kart Club

After a long and  beautiful Summer, this weekend was surely the first sign that Winter is coming..

Low temperatures, rain, high winds.. not the most pleasurable driving conditions, but you didn’t care, when you bought the kart, you knew that you’d need those wets, the thicker suit, the plastic over-suit. It been a little horrid, but it hasn’t deterred anyone, especially those in our hotly contested Championships..

With just 1 more round to go, and a bonus 25 points, just for signing-on, you might just have to go through it all again next month!

Thank you to all drivers, spectators, officials, marshals and other volunteers who braved the rain, cold and wind to help ensure this event was able to proceed. We say it every month, but most this year have seemed like a formality. Today, however, shows is a mild example that we’re all in this together, not just when its sunny!

The championship points will be collated as soon as i can get to them, and results are available, as always, over at https://results.alphatiming.co.uk/cpkc/2018/9/

Next month is the final round of the CPKC 2018 Championship, and i’m sure there will still be Championships up for grabs heading in. So, if you want to make the most of the season racing, or watch the final opportunity to clinch the title, make sure to leave 11th November open in your diaries!

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Have you ever stepped back and wondered what you are doing with your life? Like, what are you really doing?
Do you like your job? Are you ready for Christmas? Are you concerned that the political climate of today is as unsettling as that of 1940?

Well, if there’s one thing that you won’t have to worry about, and that’s what club to join for the 2019 season!

At just £30 for a single membership and £40 for a family membership, we are proud to see the continuation of the Early Bird membership scheme for another year running!
Yes, if you get your 2019 membership form to the circuit by Saturday 15th December 2018, you will qualify to save £10 on the year’s membership fees, making us, one of, if not the cheapest way to get your racing fix secured for the year.

Make sure you avoid disappointment, any membership forms received 16th of December onwards will not qualify for the £10 discount and will be required to pay £40 single, or £50 family membership, so ensure you get your membership form in as soon as you can!

So, the next time you’re on the toilet, or your thinking spot of choice, you’ll have one less thing to worry about for 2019!

You can find the 2019 Membership form here – http://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Membership_Form_2019.doc

And you can find the 2019 pit space reservation form here – http://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/2019-PIT-SPACE-FORM.doc


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Good Morning from a soggy Clay Pigeon Raceway for our 9th Round of the CPKC 2018 Championship.

Minimax and the Cadets get another round of relief as another wet round allows them one less round to run on their used slick tyres!

Unfortunately, one wally in particular (me) managed to forget the mic for the commentator, so there will be no live stream today. You can, of course, always keep up to date with the live timing over at http://live.alphatiming.co.uk/cpkc

If you have a good coat, however, why not come on down? At just £4 per person with under 12’s free, its a bargain day out with some amazing racing, month on month.

Karts will be on the track shortly for their 3 lap practice.

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After a nice long break, the 9th Round of the CPKC Championship.

Make sure your entries are in this week to avoid missing out on those important championship points.

If you’re torn between rounds 9 and 10, don’t forget you get a bonus 25 points as a signing-on bonus for the final round in November!


Online entries for both rounds can be made at http://cpkc.alphatiming.co.uk/register/msa

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The Championship tables have now been updated after the eighth round of the CPKC Championship! Head on over to http://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/championship/ to check out how you’re standing..

Have you ever wondered what goes into organising our events?
Have you ever thought about helping us out?

If you answered yes to either of those, why not consider joining the committee?
The Clay Pigeon Kart Club are a group of volunteers who get together to keep the club pointing in the right direction.

For more information, head on over to http://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/get-involved/ or send us a message 🙂

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The 8th Round has been and gone and provided us with some fantastic racing all day, with the odd spill amongst the thrills..

2 Red Flags, 2 Barrel Rolls (everyone was ok!) and an NKRA Grand Final later, the day is winding down.

Results are still provisional whilst the last of the scruiteneering and judicial matters are wrapped up, but they can be found in all their glory at https://results.alphatiming.co.uk/cpkc/2018/8/

Thank you to all of the 106 drivers who came to race with us this weekend, some faces and names we haven’t seen in a while mixed in with those regulars who just love to come to their favourite circuit and see how close to the floor they can get their right foot! Thank you to all of the marshals and officials who make these events possible, thank you to the circuit and restaurant staff and thank you to everyone who joined us on live timing and the live stream from home.

Congratulations to today’s victors. We hope you can all share their excitement at the trophy presentation in a few minutes.

The next Round of the CPKC Championship is the 14th October, we hope you can all make it back again for the 9th, and penultimate round!

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Last year, i thought we had an amazing event.

This year, so more more blood, sweat and tears have gone into this event from some of the best Rotax drivers in the country! Thrills, spills and more were had – all for the cause of proving themselves and claiming the 2018/19 O Plate!

For those lucky winners however, that’s not all they’ll get.

Courtesy of the Amazing JAG ROTAX, the winners will walk away with brand, spanking new Rotax Short Engines, and our runners up will get prizes too.

Congratulations, once again, to our provisional O Plate champions.

Whilst the judicials and final scrutineering checks take place, i would like to thank our Marshals and Officials. Without them taking time out of their weekend to officiate and help to ensure competitor safety, we wouldn’t be able to run our events.
Thank you to all of the extra hands we have in the paddock, overseeing the Regulation Tyres.
Thank you to our commentator, Sam Hunt, who does an amazing job every time he steps into that commentary box.
Thank you to our competitors, we love to hold events for you, and as long as you keep coming back, we’ll do what we can to keep these events running!
Thank you to the management and staff of the Clay Pigeon Raceway for their help and assistance in running all of events, not to mention this weekend’s Rotax Festival.
Last, but by no means least, thank you, once again, to JAG Rotax for their continued support for the #RotaxFestival. This is certainly a highlight of our calendar, and their support goes a long, long way to helping us celebrate one of the strongest manufacturer’s in the country.

Results from this weekend’s racing can be found in all their glory, over at https://results.alphatiming.co.uk/cpkc/rf2018/1/ and a recap of the action can be found on our YouTube channel, over at https://www.youtube.com/user/ClayPigeonKartCLub

The 2019 Rotax Festival has already been booked for the 17th and 18th August, so if you weren’t able to make it for some reason this year, you have 12 months to make sure you book the time off work – you’ll be knackered, but you’ll be knackered with a massive smile on your face!

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For those of you tuning in at home, wanting to know when and where to get the latest from the #RotaxFestival, be sure to check out our Live Stream at http://live.alphatiming.co.uk/cpkc

For full immersion, check out the live stream over at http://www.youtube.com/claypigeonkartclub/live where you can get the fantastic commentary from Sam Hunt alongside the live timing.

The timetable has been published and is as follows:

Minimax Practice 1 Saturday 10:30AM
Junior Rotax Pratice 1 – ODDS Saturday 10:45AM
Junior Rotax Pratice 1 – EVENS inc E Saturday 11:00AM
Senior Rotax Practice 1 – ODDS inc O Saturday 11:15AM
Senior Rotax Practice 1 – EVENS inc E Saturday 11:30AM
Rotax 177 & Masters Practice 1 Saturday 11:45AM
Minimax Practice 2 Saturday 12:00PM
Junior Rotax Pratice 2 – ODDS Saturday 12:15PM
Junior Rotax Pratice 2 – EVENS inc E – copy Saturday 12:30PM
Senior Rotax Practice 2 – ODDS inc O Saturday 12:45PM
Senior Rotax Practice 2 – EVENS inc E – copy Saturday 1:00PM
Rotax 177 & Masters Practice 2 Saturday 1:15PM
Minimax Qualifying Saturday 2:00PM
Junior Max Qualifying – ODDS Saturday 2:15PM
Junior Max Qualifying EVENS inc E Saturday 2:30PM
Senior Rotax Qualifying – ODDS inc O Saturday 2:45PM
Senior Rotax Qualifying – EVENS inc E Saturday 3:00PM
Rotax 177 & Masters Qualifying Saturday 3:15PM
Minimax Heat 1 Saturday 3:45PM
Junior Rotax Heat 1 Saturday 4:05PM
Senior Rotax Heat 1 AvB Saturday 4:25PM
Senior Rotax Heat 2 CvD Saturday 4:45PM
Rotax 177 & Masters Heat 1 Saturday 5:05PM
Minimax Practice Sunday 9:30AM
Junior Rotax Practice ODDS Sunday 9:35AM
Junior Rotax Practice EVENS inc E Sunday 9:40AM
Senior Rotax Practice ODDS inc O Sunday 9:45AM
Senior Rotax Practice EVENS in E Sunday 9:50AM
Rotax 177 & Masters Practice Sunday 9:55AM
Minimax Heat 2 Sunday 10:15AM
Junior Rotax Heat 2 Sunday 10:35AM
Senior Rotax Heat 3 AvC Sunday 10:55AM
Senior Rotax Heat 4 BvD Sunday 11:15AM
Rotax 177 & Masters Heat 2 Sunday 11:35AM
Minimax Heat 3 Sunday 11:55AM
Junior Rotax Heat 3 Sunday 12:15PM
Senior Rotax Heat 5 BvC Sunday 12:35PM
Senior Rotax Heat 6 AvD Sunday 12:55PM
Rotax 177 & Masters Heat 3 Sunday 1:15PM
Senior Rotax B Final Sunday 2:15PM
Minimax Final Sunday 2:40PM
Junior Rotax Final Sunday 3:05PM
Senior Rotax Final Sunday 3:30PM
Rotax 177 & Masters Final Sunday 3:55PM
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Head on over to http://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/championship/ to check out the latest championship tables. After a wet and wild Round 7, there has been some shuffling around in some champs that are really spicing things up!

With only 3 more championship rounds to go – the 2018 Championship is really anyone’s for the taking!


On more immediate news, we are ALWAYS looking for people who are willing to offer their time to help us run our meetings on the day. This weekend is another example of where helping hands will go a long way. If you don’t have anything to do this weekend, and would like a little cash in your pocket, please do get in touch.
The work is nice and simple, just helping to monitor the competitors and ensuring that the rules of the holding are and pit lanes are enforced.

This weekend aside, if you want to get involved in motorsport, of you have some experience you would like to share with us, please do get in touch. Its not always easy to get all of the marshals and officials that we need for a weekend, whether you have any experience or not, you’ll always be welcome to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

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Whilst the first rain of the year(?) came and went, it certainly didn’t put a dampener on the racing! – WOW!

The trophy presentation is about to start, and as always, your presence is always appreciated to congratulate our Round 7 winners and runners-up.

Thank you to all of our drivers and spectators for coming today and bearing with the wind and the rain to give us some amazing entertainment. Thank you to our Marshals and Officials, without whom, we wouldn’t be able to run the meetings, and finally, thank you to all of you who tuned into live timing and the live stream of Sam Hunt’s fantastic commentary. Its amazing how one person’s voice can bring a whole new life into an event.

For all you Rotax drivers, don’t forget that there is just 1 more week until the highlight of the 2018 calendar, the Rotax Festival, supported by JAG Rotax.
Not only do we have the O Plates, for each Rotax Class, but JAG Have supplied Short Engines as O Plate Prizes, as well as Tyres for the runners up, amongst others on offer. If you haven’t entered yet, you’ don’t have long as entries will close on Tuesday. With 130 drivers already entered, it’s going to be epic!

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