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12th Feb.

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Welcome to Clay Pigeon Kart Club


With 4 weeks to go, entries are already open for the first round of the 2017 CPKC Championship! If you havent done so already, head on over to http://cpkc.alphatiming.co.uk/register/msa or click on the sign up button at the top of our facebook page.


Dont forget that this saturday is also the AGM! Its the place to be if you want to be involved in the planning and organisation of the 2017 season, or for a review of the year just passed. The AGM kicks off at half past 4 at the circuit.

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In just 2 weeks the first event of the CPKC 2017 Calendar will be underway as we host our AGM.

This is YOUR opportunity to get more involved as we have a report of the previous year, discuss plans with the following year, and appoint new Committee Members and Members of Interest.

Attendance is free and open to all of our members, so please do come on down.

The AGM will be at the circuit on Saturday 21st January at half past 4.

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With just one more week until Christmas, its time to reflect on the past year.

In a time where MSA license numbers and driver attendance has taken a down-turn, we decided something drastic was required. With the help of Wey Valley Mazda, we decided to put a car up for grabs for 1 lucky member who raced with us this year.
With a strong number of members, and with the first round of the Rotax Regional championships at the start of the year, it looked like we were on track. The attendance then leveled out, but the intensity of the racing grew.

Whilst the Grand Prize may not have impacted the grid sizes as we had hoped, we certainly cannot call this past year anything but a success. Drawing new members to the shores of England from the Channel Islands, providing edge-of-your seat action down to the last round, and giving one family in particular a Christmas to remember (and dragging them away from home to come collect a car).

With the sleigh bells ringing, our sights are set to the 2017 season.

Having secured a round of the British Championships, Reviving the Wessex Championships, starting the Rotax Festival as well as hosting an array of other visiting championships, preparations are under-way for for the 2017 calendar. Dates are online and they are also available in a shared calendar with details on how to best access it.

Memberships are already available and membership forms can be obtained from our web site. The online booking systems are being set up for the coming year and entries can be expected to go live in January.

2017 will be a fantastic year for us at Clay Pigeon, why not join us for it? – a circuit where quality racing comes first.

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Memberships for the 2017 racing year are already brilliantly priced at £40 for a single membership and £50 for a family membership, however, we decided that we van do better! We are happy to announce that, for a limited time only, you can get an Early Bird discounted membership for just £30 for the year! (£40 family membership). That’s 25% off the cost of a single membership!

To qualify, you just need to get your membership form, with payment, to the circuit before the Presentation Evening on the 3rd December.

To those who have already paid for their membership, we’ll sort you out to make sure your not over-paying.

Don’t forget that pit space reservations are still being taken by John Barton. You can find a reservation form on our membership form page.

Get your membership form by heading to http://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/next-meeting/membership-form/

The next year at CPKC is looking special, with the return of the National Championships to Clay Pigeon, the Wessex Championships revival and the Rotax Festival, Clay Pigeon is the place to race in 2017! Get your membership forms in and join us in the action!

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Thank you again to all of the drivers who have chosen to race with us at Clay Pigeon Raceway in 2016! The Championship Tables have been updated with the Champions of 2016 being declared! Head on over to our Championship page to take a look. Any issues or questions, please do let us know.

Trophies will be presented at our presentation evening on 3rd December, which will include the raffle with the grand prize of the 66 plate Mazda, among other, amazing prizes (I’m truly jealous).

If you haven’t got your ticket yet, you need to do so by 26th November! Tickets are £25 per head with under 12’s at half price. To order your tickets, please contact the circuit asap on 01935 83713. Payment can be made via cash, card or cheque but must be made when purchasing the tickets.

The committee have also sat together and decided on the winners of the honorary trophies this year, with Congratulations to all of you listed below. We hope to see you all on 3rd December! – Don’t forget to order your tickets now!

Championship Trophies

Class Trophy Winner
Honda Cadet Winner Ollie Tyler
Runner Up Charlie Vaughan
3rd Place Ethan Leader
4th Place Sean Cuss
IAME Cadet Winner Leo Purches
Mini Max Winner Jenson Watts
Runner Up Tom Adams
Junior Rotax Winner Bradley Sheppard
Runner Up Fraser Denoon
Junior TKM Winner Joseph Hocquard
Senior TKM Winner Derek Hunt
Runner Up William Davies
Senior Rotax Winner Thomas Martin
Runner Up Gary Ford
3rd Place Emilia Vincent
Rotax 177 Max Winner Daniel Martin
Runner Up Julian Howell
Rotax 177 Masters Winner Joe Walmsley
Runner Up Steve Nash

Honorary Trophies

John Barton Cameron Crockett
Peter Tarrant Alan Mills
Howie Chappel Tyler Trotter
Batcotiques Andy Ward
Matt Percy Memorial Daniel Martin
Bob Browning Ollie Tyler
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Thank you Thank you Thank you!

To all the drivers, spectators, friends and family who have either come to the circuit, or kept up to date via live timing, thank you for making 2016 another fantastic year at the Clay Pigeon Kart Club.

The final result from today has just been published and will remain provisional until around half past 4 (providing there are no protests). Provisional, and soon to be finalised, results are available at http://results.alphatiming.co.uk/.

Dont forget, for those who have tickets, that our presentation evening is on the 3rd December. Make sure you have your food orders placed with Christine Rennison at the circuit.

Ill work on the championship tables as soon as possible and get the final tables for the year, along with the raffle tickets tallies, up on the website.

For now, have a safe trip home, and if we don’t see you beforehand, have an amazing Christmas and New Year. We’ll see you in February!

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Ignoring 🇺🇸 politics for a minute, we noticed that the KartingMagazine.com have revealed their shortlist of nominees in their various categories for this year’s awards. It’s absolutely amazing to find out that, not only has the circuit has been nominated for Circuit of Club of the year, but Steve Wood has also had one of his images nominated for Image of the Year.

After being down last night, I can only assume from huge demand of you all wanting to check out the nominees and vote, it back up again this morning and votes are already being counted.

Please do check out the categories and nominees, and cast your votes with the Facebook like buttons on the nominees pages. If you find yourself voting for Steve or the Raceway, thank you so, so much. Your support means so much to us 🙂

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The Super One Series is gracing the tarmac of Clay Pigeon Raceway once again!

On the 3rd and 4th of June 2017, the club will be opening its doors to the National Championships as we host the Super One Series with the Honda Cadets, Junior TKM, TKM Extreme, OKJ, OKS and KZ!

The event has been added to our Race Calendar on our webpage and straight to your phone if you are using our shared calendar! – if your not, just click here to import all of our events, current and future, automatically to your phone!

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Until you can put your kart away, tell your significant other that they have been tremendous in their support and that they don’t need to worry about the early mornings, full weekends, frustrations and celebrations for another 3 months! Well, until you tell them your going to Kartmania!


With our final round next weekend on 13th November, and a maximum 200 points up for grabs, the closing stages of the championships will provide some fantastic action as many drivers will be giving it all they have in search of those final all-important points! If you haven’t got your entry in yet, why are you waiting?! Head over to http://cpkc.alphatiming.co.uk/register/msa to get yours in in just a couple of clicks!

Members, don’t forget that your entries are more important than ever! – with this being the last round, this is your last chance to get an entry into our End of Year Raffle to win the Mazda 2, supplied by Wey Valley Mazda! (and our last chance to get some money to pay for it! :-P)

If your thinking of what to do and where to race next year, take a look at our Calendar Page on our website, with the Wessex Champs and the Rotax Festival in our ever-growing list of events to host next year, Clay is an obvious choice! – for more information, take a look at our previous posting.

Don’t forget that tickets for our end of year presentation evening are still on sale! Ticket prices are £25 with under 12’s at half price! – if you would like to come, please see us next weekend where you can purchase them and make your food orders!

Have a great week, get your entries in and we’ll see you next weekend!

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The Championship tables have now been updated after Round 8 of the Championship, now is the time to take a look, with 25 bonus points on the line just for signing on in the morning, a total of 200 points is up for grabs in the 9th and Final Round of the CPKC 2016 champs on 13th November.

To check out the championship tables, head on over to http://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/championship/ where you can view them in pdf version. You can also check out the latest edition of the raffle ticket list for the end of the year draw.

Please do check make sure that any issues with the championship tables or raffle ticket list are reported to us ASAP (easiest is through Facebook) as we don’t want any issues coming into the final round (or anyone querying champ points from the start of the year, just after the results for the final round are published – *shakes fist*). Also – for the sake of ensuring the raffle is as fair as fair can be, again, please do check the tickets we are tracking are correct.
Just a reminder – all entries as a member get you another ticket in the raffle, as long as you signed up for a membership before you signed on, you should have a ticket for that round. Going over your tyre allocation does not stop you from getting a ticket, or exclude you from the championship, it just means you don’t qualify for championship points for the round(s) you use ‘illegal’ tyres.

Please do check out the champ tables, the ticket list, and our online entry portal, supplied by Alpha Timing 😉 .

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