Rotax Festival
19th Aug
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Welcome to Clay Pigeon Kart Club

For those of you tuning in at home, wanting to know when and where to get the latest from the #RotaxFestival, be sure to check out our Live Stream at http://live.alphatiming.co.uk/cpkc

For full immersion, check out the live stream over at http://www.youtube.com/claypigeonkartclub/live where you can get the fantastic commentary from Sam Hunt alongside the live timing.

The timetable has been published and is as follows:

Minimax Practice 1 Saturday 10:30AM
Junior Rotax Pratice 1 – ODDS Saturday 10:45AM
Junior Rotax Pratice 1 – EVENS inc E Saturday 11:00AM
Senior Rotax Practice 1 – ODDS inc O Saturday 11:15AM
Senior Rotax Practice 1 – EVENS inc E Saturday 11:30AM
Rotax 177 & Masters Practice 1 Saturday 11:45AM
Minimax Practice 2 Saturday 12:00PM
Junior Rotax Pratice 2 – ODDS Saturday 12:15PM
Junior Rotax Pratice 2 – EVENS inc E – copy Saturday 12:30PM
Senior Rotax Practice 2 – ODDS inc O Saturday 12:45PM
Senior Rotax Practice 2 – EVENS inc E – copy Saturday 1:00PM
Rotax 177 & Masters Practice 2 Saturday 1:15PM
Minimax Qualifying Saturday 2:00PM
Junior Max Qualifying – ODDS Saturday 2:15PM
Junior Max Qualifying EVENS inc E Saturday 2:30PM
Senior Rotax Qualifying – ODDS inc O Saturday 2:45PM
Senior Rotax Qualifying – EVENS inc E Saturday 3:00PM
Rotax 177 & Masters Qualifying Saturday 3:15PM
Minimax Heat 1 Saturday 3:45PM
Junior Rotax Heat 1 Saturday 4:05PM
Senior Rotax Heat 1 AvB Saturday 4:25PM
Senior Rotax Heat 2 CvD Saturday 4:45PM
Rotax 177 & Masters Heat 1 Saturday 5:05PM
Minimax Practice Sunday 9:30AM
Junior Rotax Practice ODDS Sunday 9:35AM
Junior Rotax Practice EVENS inc E Sunday 9:40AM
Senior Rotax Practice ODDS inc O Sunday 9:45AM
Senior Rotax Practice EVENS in E Sunday 9:50AM
Rotax 177 & Masters Practice Sunday 9:55AM
Minimax Heat 2 Sunday 10:15AM
Junior Rotax Heat 2 Sunday 10:35AM
Senior Rotax Heat 3 AvC Sunday 10:55AM
Senior Rotax Heat 4 BvD Sunday 11:15AM
Rotax 177 & Masters Heat 2 Sunday 11:35AM
Minimax Heat 3 Sunday 11:55AM
Junior Rotax Heat 3 Sunday 12:15PM
Senior Rotax Heat 5 BvC Sunday 12:35PM
Senior Rotax Heat 6 AvD Sunday 12:55PM
Rotax 177 & Masters Heat 3 Sunday 1:15PM
Senior Rotax B Final Sunday 2:15PM
Minimax Final Sunday 2:40PM
Junior Rotax Final Sunday 3:05PM
Senior Rotax Final Sunday 3:30PM
Rotax 177 & Masters Final Sunday 3:55PM
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Head on over to http://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/championship/ to check out the latest championship tables. After a wet and wild Round 7, there has been some shuffling around in some champs that are really spicing things up!

With only 3 more championship rounds to go – the 2018 Championship is really anyone’s for the taking!


On more immediate news, we are ALWAYS looking for people who are willing to offer their time to help us run our meetings on the day. This weekend is another example of where helping hands will go a long way. If you don’t have anything to do this weekend, and would like a little cash in your pocket, please do get in touch.
The work is nice and simple, just helping to monitor the competitors and ensuring that the rules of the holding are and pit lanes are enforced.

This weekend aside, if you want to get involved in motorsport, of you have some experience you would like to share with us, please do get in touch. Its not always easy to get all of the marshals and officials that we need for a weekend, whether you have any experience or not, you’ll always be welcome to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

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Whilst the first rain of the year(?) came and went, it certainly didn’t put a dampener on the racing! – WOW!

The trophy presentation is about to start, and as always, your presence is always appreciated to congratulate our Round 7 winners and runners-up.

Thank you to all of our drivers and spectators for coming today and bearing with the wind and the rain to give us some amazing entertainment. Thank you to our Marshals and Officials, without whom, we wouldn’t be able to run the meetings, and finally, thank you to all of you who tuned into live timing and the live stream of Sam Hunt’s fantastic commentary. Its amazing how one person’s voice can bring a whole new life into an event.

For all you Rotax drivers, don’t forget that there is just 1 more week until the highlight of the 2018 calendar, the Rotax Festival, supported by JAG Rotax.
Not only do we have the O Plates, for each Rotax Class, but JAG Have supplied Short Engines as O Plate Prizes, as well as Tyres for the runners up, amongst others on offer. If you haven’t entered yet, you’ don’t have long as entries will close on Tuesday. With 130 drivers already entered, it’s going to be epic!

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Hi Guys,

It has come to our attention that there has been a misinterpretation surrounding the 177 Masters O Plate. Unfortunately,due to 177 masters being a sub-class of the Rotax 177 class, there is no O Plate for the 177 Masters.

We have contacted the ABkC to discuss this, but unfortunately, the MSA does not recognise and will not allow us run an O Plate event for the 177 Masters.

For those drivers who are entered as a 177 Master, and would like to transfer their entry over to the 177 Class to compete for the 177 O Plate and O Plate prizes, please do get in touch and we can transfer you over.

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We’re less than 1 week away from the next round of the CPKC championship, which means for Rotax drivers, 1 final chance to get some racing practice in before the Rotax Festival!

Entries can be made online at https://cpkc.alphatiming.co.uk/register/msa or by hitting the ‘sign up’ button on our Facebook page.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen the latest kart regulation, regarding Red Flags, take a look below:

U7.9 – Red Flags

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Rotax Festival Tyres!

As the tyres will be stored under parc fermé conditions, we ask that you have Tyre Spikes handy to help ensure your tyres are stored in the safest way possible.
Whilst they are not compulsory, as last year, we really do recommend using them to avoid any incidents of a stack of tyres falling over and damaging the tyre/rim etc whilst in storage.

Whilst other outlets are available, this picture was nabbed from Zip North’s website, so it’s only right i link the page 🙂


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There are some Additional Supplementary Regulations for you to feast your eyes on over on our Rotax Festival page.

Don’t worry, its just some clarification on tyre usage.
The summary:
1 set of tyres for the weekend.
You can use any old set of tyres for the Saturday practice sessions.
You must use your event tyres for the practice sessions on the Sunday.

To save you all a click, the ASR’s are also here:

Additional Supplementary Regulations


Also, its been pointed out that i maayyy have forgotten to add the points for the fastest laps onto the Championship tables from the last round. I’ll be getting on it as soon as i have a spare 10 minutes, so please expect the tables to change in the next day or 2.

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The Tyre reports have been generated, the memberships have been updated and the Championship Tables are now live!

Head on over to http://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/championship/ to check them out. If you find any issues, please just ping us a message on Facebook and we’ll look into it.

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I mentioned in my last post that we have some absolutely AMAZING prizes on offer, courtesy of JAG Rotax.

Well we’re happy to announce that JAG are offering up Short Engines and Tyres for the lucky O-Plate competitors in Minimax, Junior Max, Senior Max and 177.
We will also have some other, amazing prizes on offer, yet to be announced!

Also, our tyre order form has been updated for 2018 and is now available below, or over on our Rotax Festival Page.


Tyre Order Form

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Compared to last month, this has been almost perfect!

The weather has been beautiful, even if many of us are now just a puddle of goo on the floor from the heat, the racing has been close and very competitive through the field.

Forgive how short this post is, but it’s really one of those days where you want to just sit in an ice-bath in nothing but your underwear!
Thank you, of course, to all of our Drivers, Teams, Marshals, Officials, Organisers, Medical Staff, Spectators and everyone else who has made it here to enjoy the weather and racing. Without you all, there would be no club and no championship.

Results are available from http://results.alphatiming.co.uk/cpkc/2018/6/ and the championship tables will be up as soon as I’ve unstuck myself from the chair.

On a final note, for those of you who haven’t yet signed up for the Rotax Festival, i would highly recommend doing so! Not only are the O Plates on hand for the winning drivers, but i have just heard of some magnificent prizes on offer.

Entries are open for the next club round, as well as the Rotax Festival over at http://cpkc.alphatiming.co.uk/register/msa.

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Rotax Festival Day 1 Recap

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