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Please click on this link :  Supp Regs NKRA Blue Challenge

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Due to the NKRA National Championship being cancelled by their host circuit, Larkhall, at the end of this month Clay Pigeon Kart Club are in the process of arranging to hold the Formula Blues’ NKRA Championship during our 7th club round on the 13th/14th September. The Blues were already scheduled to visit us anyway but because it will now be their championship we are having to amend the race scedule to accomodate the extra heats.

On Saturday we have proposed a practice session from 10:00am to 3:00pm for all MSA licence holders. Due to the shorter session the fees will now be £20.00 for loyalty card holders and £25.00 for everyone else.

Shortly afterwards there will be 2 heats for each of the Junior and Senior Blues followed by an RAFMSA Endurance race. Proper times will be announced as soon as they have been finalised.

Scrutineering and signing-on for our members will commence at 3:00pm Saturday. The Blues will have a slightly earlier time to allow for their signing-on and drivers briefing before their first heat. I have offered to start the Sunday signing-on session at the earlier time of 7:30am and drivers briefing, etc will also be brought forward to enable the first practice session to be ready on the dummy grid for a 9:45am start.

Club transponders will be charged and ready to hire out on Saturday afternoon at signing-on. We envisage a shortfall so if you can arrange to borrow one in advance from elsewhere please do so. As you make your online entry please tick the ‘hire’ box if necessary so I can allocate them on a first come, first served basis. I will then be able to tell you in advance if you need to source one from somewhere else or share with another class.

The circuit will be available for practice on Friday. Please ring them on 01935 83713 to check availability for other dates.

Please contact me (Jo) on 07832 358202 if you want to arrive before Friday morning.

If you wish to reserve a paid pit space ring John Barton on 07900 150 506 (after 7pm please).






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After an action packed Round 6 of the Clay Pigeon Kart Club Championship, the Championship tables are now available on our Championship Page.


The Honda Cadet Final is provisional and as such, so is the Championship table. The drivers concerned are being notified (so if you don’t get a letter in the next couple of days, you can breathe! ) As soon as I know what is happening, I will be sure to finalise the results and championship tables.


I am still working on getting my normal table fixed up and ready to use again, (darned new puppy stealing all my time!) so I hope you don’t mind zooming in on the results!


If you have any questions, let me know!



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Due to my incapacity with a back problem I won’t be arriving at Clay until mid-Saturday afternoon. I am about to close the online entering facility and set the grids for Sunday so please ring me on 07832 358202 if you wish to place an entry.  Any entries received from now will be classed as a late entry and unfortunately that means you will gridded at the back of each heat.

In order to make things run smoothly here are a few requests:

I will be starting signing-on about 4:30pm Saturday in Race Control. If it’s not raining scrutineering normally takes place directly outside in the holding bay. For those of you who still owe race fees or membership fees please pay me (cash or cheque only) at this time so I can confirm your entry in the system before the race. 

Anyone who has requested a hire transponder will be able to collect it at the same time (£10 hire fee plus retention of your licence).

I will make copies of the grids for each class and you can collect them from the results rack in Race Control. Please ensure you pick up a program and and race order sheet at the same time.

Would all Novices please ensure they have a photo affixed to their upgrade card. If not, they will not be signed by the MSA Steward.

I will also be doing signing-on in Race Control from 8:15am Sunday morning for those of you unable to do it Saturday evening.

Scrutineering will commence in the Scrutineering Bay 8:30am – 9:45am. Please use this opportunity to check your weight!

Drivers Briefing is held on the podium at 9:30am and is obligatory.

The Warm-Ups start at 10:15am. Don’t forget to fix your transponders and Go-Pros on tightly.

I am not in my caravan this weekend. Instead I will ‘glamping’ in Race Control. Pop in and see me if you have any questions.

Good luck everyone! Jo    Competition Secretary, CPKC





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Sorry this is a bit late in updating you all but I have been mostly stuck on the floor with a bad back (sciatica) since my return from Clay last Wednesday. Just getting the photos posted truely was a labor of love!

To date we have raised £2,747.42 with one more auction fee to come in and a promised mystery donation, so watch this space. Considering we didn’t have any cash sponsorship this year it is an incredible figure to raise and the Club would like to say thank-you to all of you who donated raffle prizes, time or money to aid such a worthy cause.

We thoroughly enjoyed hosting the weekend and hope you all enjoyed yourselves too. Now we know what you like next year will be even better!

To Tom & Louise Alexander- your Aston Martin sports cars were the focal point of the show, especially as we were let down by a few other promised exhibits.  I still can’t figure out how the transporter fits in your garage though, unless it IS your garage ;-)

To Richard & Sean from Poole Bay Racing- thanks for bringing your 2-seater Rotax and letting people experience a ride around the circuit. I wish I could have had a go too, but I doubt whether you would have been strong enough to haul me back out of it! I still haven’t forgotten being unceremoniously ‘uncorked’ from the F1 simulator we had at Clay a few years ago.

To Sam Jenkins and Max Tadd- your kart simulators were so much fun I think you should bring them to every race. It was great to see so many youngsters in a huddle and cheering eachother on.

To TJ Downton- who excelled himself handling the raffle. It was a long, hot and thankless task but you stuck at it and raised nearly £850.00 from ticket sales.

To Ross Deal (Junior TKM)- you sacrificed your crowning glory and raised over £600.00 by having your head shaved. It was an honor to see the look of pride on your parents’ faces. I was extremely saddened therefore to hear that your school were narrow-minded enough to place you on suspension for your lack of hair.

To Finches Fly- WOW….thank you all for donating your time and entertaining us in the evening. Harry Millward, how you had the energy to win the Junior TKM race on Saturday, get up on stage and play the drums all evening, then race again on Sunday is beyond me. People are still telling me how much they enjoyed having your band there, and I loved having the opportunity to have live music played to me while I was working in Race Control trying to set the grids for Sunday. And as for the Jimi Hendrix song you played for me, well, I laughed and cried at the same time. Thanks again guys!

To all who donated raffle prizes~ I don’t have a list of who gave what but some of the prizes were extremely generous, so thank-you once again. If they were donated on behalf of a business let me know the company name and I will publish it.

If I have missed anyone out, it’s not on purpose. It has taken me three days just to type the above so far. I am now going to hit the ‘publish’ button then ring the vet to come and put me out of my misery. If you do see me at Clay with wires sticking out of me and ice-packs affixed to my arse, please don’t make me laugh, it’ll hurt too much. Jo x


CPKC honouring JB







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Hi Guys and Gals!

The championship standings after the fantastic weekend we had have been posted online.

I need to tweak the report I use to handle a couple of things a little better. I will get the latest copy up soon. In the mean time, you can see the championship standings here. Please take a look at the second page of the pdf’s for the points after drop scores.




Photo: It's another win for #2 C. Bruce-White in the Senior TKM final.


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The days racing has been concluded and the final results are now online for all classes on our results page.

Stay tuned as Jamie is taking photos of the trophy presentation and they will no doubt be up in the next day or two.

From all of us at the club and Clay Pigeon Raceway, thank you for staying tuned and for all the money that you have all helped us raise for Cancer Research UK. When we get a final figure we will be sure to update you all.

I hope those of you who could make it have a safe trip home and I look forward to seeing you all again on 10th August for Round 6 of the Clay Pigeon Kart Club Championship.


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Hey guys,

Some of you have been asking what the setup for Saturday is, we are having Practice, Qualifying, Heat, Pre-Final and a Final. The setup for Sunday will be the same as our normal championship events, with the points accrued on Sunday being added to the Championship.

The finishing positions of the two finals will determine the event standings. Any tie breaks will be resolved by the finishing position of the Final on Sunday.

We will try and get the grids for Sunday available during the day on Saturday, just remember to pick up a ticket or two at the raffle stand on the way past! If you don’t know what to spend some money on at the weekend, feel free to slip a note or two in Ians waistline ;-) – it all goes to the same great cause!

I’ll see you all on Saturday!


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Right you lot, we’re gearing up for our annual Cancer Research UK charity race this Saturday and we would like more raffle prizes, whether big or small. Drop them off in Reception as soon as possible please.
Sadly nobody has won this booby prize yet so he’s up for grabs again this year, only £1 a ticket altho’ Chris is open to offers for her husband and would consider a part-exchange for a younger more virile model (ie, she’ll keep his wallet, the rest is yours). I hear he’s coming as Angelina Ballerina this year so it must be worth the petrol money just to come and see that spectacle.
Karting Magazine has offered us a 2-3 page spread if we can come up with a good article featuring a race report and photos of our fund-raising shennanigans, so you’re all in with a chance to get in the mag. The pinkest and most craziest outfits on Saturday are bound to be snapped by me (JoJo’s Fotos).
Don’t forget we will be setting up tables on the dummy grid Saturday night so bring your chairs and drinks and enjoy the Hog Roast & BBQ along with the live band “Finches Fly”. The large inflatable bungee run and slide will be on the grassy areas of the race track until dusk.
Race entries are still available online although you’ve missed the opportunity to be in the printed program. I will be closing them Friday afternoon to print the grids for both days so after that you’ll be back of the grid as a late entry if you haven’t got your finger out and entered in time.
Any questions ring me on 07832 358202. Jo


Put a smile on this miserable old gits face and buy some tickets.

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Next weekend’s Round 5 & Charity Race entries are due in tomorrow night for trophy and program ordering numbers, otherwise you will find yourself posted on the naughty list with any gooberish photos I may happen to possess of you (and I have plenty!!). Good luck at Forest Edge, Larkhall, Silverstone or wherever you’re racing today :-) Jo

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