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Following an incident at the last meeting where an official was injured when a kart was hit hard on the Formation lap, the Clay Pigeon Kart Club will enforce the regulations regarding the Formation lap.

The Blue Book Section U states the following:


7.7. In the case of a rolling start, on display of the Green flag karts will proceed round the course in grid formation at a steady pace to await the starting signal.

7.7.2. If there is no pace vehicle the Driver in No.1 position will control the speed.

7.8.2. Breaking formation. When a driver, under Starter’s orders, in the case of a rolling start, fails to maintain their corridor, or accelerates early or unevenly. The penalty for the driver concerned shall be the addition of 5 seconds

7.8.3. The karts approaching the Start Line must remain in formation, at approximately half race speed (which will be set by the pole sitter) and be driven within the set of two metre lines appropriate to their side of the grid. It will be deemed an offence to accelerate in any way before the Yellow Line or drive outside the marked lines.

The Clay Pigeon Kart Club consider weaving on the formation lap as breaking rule 7.8.2 and will apply the penalty to any driver reported weaving.

Should the pole man be judged to have accelerated before the acceleration line, he will be reported to the Clerk of the Course where a penalty will be applied.


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