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That last round really did surpass all of our expectations! with the numbers that we have had attending this year, to have an entry of 133 was absolutely astounding. From those who got their entries in early, those who spread the word, to all of those in attendance and putting their hands in their pockets, from all of us, you have our deepest thanks!

The pennies and been counted and we have the initial figures for the weekend:Cycle Challenge and Mobility Scooter donations£891.00Tony Fry’s ‘Bottle’£672.30Guess the amount£52.00Sale of Helmet Bag and TKM Tyres£97.00Collection Box/Donations (Derek)£277.05Collection Boxes on Counters£109.23Total£2098.58

And we still have some sponsorship forms still to pay in!

So again, thanks to everyone! – we couldn’t have raised over £2,000 without your help!

Keep your eyes open, not only do we have the updated championship tables to come, but news on next year’s season, as well as a special revival scheduled for next year!

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