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Why Us?

If you’re considering your options for the 2020 season and you’re not yet set on where to race, take a look at what value for money you get racing with us..

Our memberships have always been one of the cheapest on the market, at just £40 for a base membership and £50 for a family membership, you can get your families racing fix secured all year for less than the cost of a race entry. We have also run our Early Bird membership scheme for a few years now, and its been more and more successful every year. With £10 off if you get your membership form to us, with payment, by the 14th December, you can get on the road to 2020 for as little as £30. We’re accepting membership forms now, you can even fill yours out and pay up at this year’s Kart Mania! Head over to to get your form now.

Not only are our memberships straight out of the bargain bin, but our racing comes with another extraordinary benefit!

We ran through every race in the 2019 season and compiled all of the race lengths (excluding mandatory practice), based on the competitor completing the most laps in the shortest time, to give you the following statistics..

In 2019 we; Completed 4114 Laps in 41 hours, 31 minutes and 30 seconds Averaged 14.18 laps in heats averaging 8 minutes and 58 seconds Averaged 19.03 laps in finals averaging 11 minutes and 46 seconds Managed to race a maximum of 28 laps in a 16 minutes and 18 second race!

With an average scheduled race length of 8.09 minutes (+ 1 lap) and final race length of 11 minutes (+ 1 lap), we offer fantastic value for money at every turn!

Our entry prices in 2019 were on par with surrounding clubs at £60 for a non-member entry and £50 for members. With 3 Heats and a Final, that £50 gets our members 61.57 laps and 38 minutes and 42 seconds of racing per event!

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