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What a year!

This year has seen such an incredible turnaround in interest, almost certainly helped by the return of the British Championships to Clay Pigeon, the return of the Wessex Challenge and the inaugural Rotax Festival, supported by J.A.G. This has seen the club Championship’s hotly contested throughout the year.

We are now happy to tell you that the Championship Tables after the tenth and final round of 2017 are now available for your viewing pleasure over at If you find any issues with the standings, please do let us know through our Facebook Page ASAP and we can look into it.

For those lucky winners, those who want to celebrate an amazing year at the club, or just those who fancy a drink with a few friends, there are still tickets available for the presentation evening on the 2nd December. The initial deadline for orders was the 17th November, but we have decided to extend the deadline slightly.

For those who haven’t ordered yet, your choices are as follows:Starter:Soup, Melon or Pate Main:Turkey, Beef or Vegetarian Dessert:Apple Crumble and Custard, Cheesecake, Ice Cream or Cheese and Biscuits

Payment must be made with your order and received by the circuit asap. Unfortunately, we are unable to take card payments, so all payments must be cash or cheque. All wine orders must be placed directly with Dave at the Pit Stop Cafe.

Whilst the committee make the decisions that drive the club forward, we have to give credit where credit is due, to our Chairman, Paul Skipp and the Rennison family. They really are the driving force between turning ideas into reality when it comes to organising visiting championships and ensuring events are planned to the best of our ability.

We have had alot of feedback from many of you throughout the year regarding many aspects of the organisation of the meetings. Whilst all of your voices have been heard, there is no better place to raise any concerns that still remain than the Annual General Meeting. Our meeting this year will be held on the 2nd December at 17:30. even if you do not wish to stay for the Presentation Dinner in the evening, the AGM has an open door policy for any of our members or anyone who wants to join the committee. If this peaks your interest in any way, please do come along. If its not for you, it’s just an hour out of your day, but if it appeals to you, you could find yourself having the next idea that pushes your club further into the spotlight.

One final point for tonight’s post is that the Membership Form has been updated (finally) for 2018! Head on over to to get your hands on it. Don’t forget that any membership forms received by us, at the circuit, by the 4th December will qualify for our Early Bird discount of £10! With the such a close Championship and bargain prices, there is no reason not to, really!


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