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What a Fantastic Round!

That concludes the racing for today. Thank you to all the competitors, spectators and officials, we hope you’ve all had a good day down with us here at Clay Pigeon Raceway. Be sure to join us again next month for round 3 which takes place on Sunday 9th April.

Full results and championship tables are available to view at

As usual Steve from Steve Wood Kart Photography has been busy out there in the sun, rain, cold and wind taking some fantastic picture from today’s action. We will share a few of his shots as soon as he’s worked his editorial magic on them. If you require a specific picture be sure to contact him via his Facebook page.

We had 151 competitors today and not a single red flag so once again thank you to all the drivers for providing fantastic and for the most part clean racing which everyone here at the circuit has enjoyed watching.

Also we’d like to thank FP4 Kart Club and NKRA Formula blue for joining us today ad we look forward to hosting your rounds in the future.

Entries have already been opened up for Round 3! – you can enter online, as always, at

We look forward to seeing you all again on 9th April.

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