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What a day, what a day, what a day!

We knew that today would bring extra numbers (even if we did remove 2 races from the Senior Max line-up as we were a little optimistic with the Senior Max expectations..), but even with the extra numbers, we were able to provide over 36 minutes of wheel to wheel action per driver, with those drivers promoted from the Junior Max B Final to the A Final, racing over 48 minutes!

With that much racing, even our regulars would have been struggling with the heat, as well as the additional traffic, bought to us ahead of next week’s British Kart Championship visit to Clay Pigeon Raceway.

Whilst the racing was spectacular to watch, containing all the highs, lows, intensity and drama that the spectator’s will have loved, from an organisers point of view, we can’t help but feel it wasn’t one of our best events.

Driving standards sometimes looked like something straight out of the BTCC play-book, with accompanying warnings, penalties and exclusions taking their toll on the overall results. This caused almost as much action in the Clerks office as there was on circuit.

Even though there were some regrettable incidents, when the racing got going, it was absolutely fantastic to watch. Whilst some drivers like Maksymilian Solarski made their presence known all day long, other drivers made the most of the hand they were dealt. Jez Williams, after a disastrous result in heat 1, clawed his way back from throughout heats 2 and 3 to earn a 6th place grid slot for the final. After fighting his way into, what seemed like, a dominant lead, he was the victim of 2 fantastic overtakes to find himself on the third step. Whilst those final 2 laps may have been frustrating, he should be very proud of his performance today.

Our next club event is on the 8th September with Round 8 of the CPKC championship, but of course, next weekend is the British Kart Championships, hosted by us, at the Clay Pigeon Raceway. We won’t be able to provide the live stream and commentary as this is all handled by the BKC staff, but we’ll give as many updates, as well as where and when to watch, as we know.

Until next time, have a safe drive home and we look forward to seeing you all again.

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