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Wessex Challenge Update!

Sorry for the delay, we know some of you have been asking about when entries will be open for the Wessex Challenge on 12th May.

We are now happy to announce that the regulations have been published and entries have been opened! You can view the regulations over at You can enter the event over at

Be sure to enter for both the Wessex Challenge on the 12th and Round 4 on the 13th May for your opportunity to win the coveted WC plate at our club events for until the Wessex Challenge 2019!

What can we say about the registrations so far for this weekend.. Wow!

130 entries so far!

There is still another day and a half to get your online entry in to take part in this weekends event. For those of you who miss the chance, you can always register at the circuit over the weekend. If you are planning on entering as a Honda Cadet, be sure to phone first before making a special trip, just in case we need to cap the entries.

If anyone reading this doesn’t race, but wants to see what all the fuss is about, please feel free to come on down to the circuit on Sunday. Spectator entry is cheap as chips (literally) with under 12’s free!


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