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We are completely humbled!

Last year, as you will remember, we held a small fundraiser to add to that being raised via the JustGiving page for Billy Monger, started by JHR Developments. For those who aren’t quite sure what we mean, take a look at their JustGiving page here –

Well, we never followed up with you guys to let you know how much we raised, and we apologise. Although all we could offer was some donated visor strips, you guys were still generous enough to donate a little over £140! so thank you all.

One thing we really didn’t expect, and has really humbled us, is to hear back from Amanda, Billy’s mum, thanking you all for your donations.

The text reads as follows: Hi Martyn, this is Amanda Monger Billy’s mum Thank you so much for your kind words and cheque. I can’t begin to tell you how everyone’s support has helped Billy get through the months since April 2017. He is loving being back behind the wheel and hopefully budget coming together for British F3 he is getting to grips with new controls quite well. Hopefully he will get down to a few kart races this year he really enjoys helping the kids. Thanks again Amanda and Billy

So, once again, thank you all for your donations, it really has meant a lot to Billy and his family.

At our latest committee meeting this evening, there was a lot discussed regarding the Wessex Challenge and Super One Series round at Clay Pigeon. I don’t want to write a dissertation at midnight, so ill save the other information for some more posts in the next few days, so please do keep an eye out to make sure you don’t miss out!


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