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For those of you not on Facebook, click on the 2014 calendar/gallery links to view photos taken at Round 3 and previous rounds. Also available are some I have taken in previous years, to be further updated when time allows. Links to videos/go-pro footage  soon to follow.

Hope you all had a good weekend and didn’t have too much damage done during Friday night’s ‘breeze’. I slept through it all until 5am when I was woken by a call from Derek asking for help to hold the gazebo down. He had been hanging on to it for dear life from 1:30 am onwards! Got no sympathy from me because I had warned him of impending gale-force winds on the drive up.

We encountered a technical hitch with the grids and I apologise to the three late entrants who were affected. For some reason the Grid Marshal’s sheets didn’t include you but the displayed grids did. Now we are aware of the anomaly we can ensure it won’t happen again.

As for the confusion in Heat 1 for Mini Max we have had reports from several parents saying they definitely heard/didn’t hear the announcement to close the grid.

Can I also remind Incident Marshals (cadet/junior parents) that they must stay on their own alloted post and under no circumstances do any coaching on race day whilst on the track. One of our new novices mistook a helpful ‘move over’ gesture and stopped, which cost him a few places and spoiled his first race.

See you all again in a few weeks and feel free to contact me via the email address on this page with any suggestions. Jamie Robinson has made a short video compilation of the days’ action and is appealing for go-pro/video footage each month to include in future videos.  Jo

MAY 2014 Round 3 CPKC 435


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