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Trophies Trophies Trophies!

The Championship Tables have been published and everyone has had a chance to take a look. Now, we’re happy to announce the trophy winners of the Clay Pigeon Kart Club 2018 Championship!

Honda Cadet

  1. Thomas Cucurullo-Yeomans

  2. Jez Williams

  3. Edward Leader

  4. Mason Perren

  5. Maksymilian Solarski

  6. Hugh Moulton

IAME Cadet

  1. Ben Crossley


  1. Charlie Knight

  2. Jordan Morris

  3. Ollie Tyler

Junior Rotax

  1. Tom Adams

  2. Bradley Watts

  3. Lewis Halliday

  4. Daniel Yates

  5. Joshua Poulain

Senior Max

  1. Ethan Haynes

  2. Charlie Bruce-White

  3. Jem Hepworth

  4. Emilia Vincent

  5. Derek Hunt

Rotax 177

  1. Daniel Milner (177 Champion)

  2. Sam Winter

  3. Josh Hopkins

  4. Darren Whaley (177 Masters Champion)

  5. Dene Mann

  6. Ian Brown

Congratulations to all of those drivers above, and to those who just missed out, for an amazing season of close, hard racing. It’s been an amazing season, and we hope earning a Championship Trophy makes it that much sweeter.

To get the full experience, make sure you get yourselves some tickets to this year’s Presentation Evening, where you can join the rest of the 2018 Champions, Trophy Winners, Committee members, members and fans in celebrating one of the best seasons on the track in recent years. – head over to to get your ticket order form.

But wait, there are more trophies still to be announced! Make sure you look out for our latest updates!

Lastly, for those of the Jewish Faith, Hanukkah Sameach! (i hope that’s right, I had to Google it). Have an amazing Hanukkah.

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