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TKM’s Are Back!

We are proud to be hosting the TKM Midlands Clubman Championship at our next round on the 14th April!

With TKM previously being such a strong grid at Clay Pigeon, gaving us neck and neck racing all year round before, unfortunately, dwindling down to near extinction in the South of England, we get to witness them tearing around the circuit once again!

Not only do we have the return of TKM’s this weekend, but we also have the last chance to get your racing practice in before the first of the CPKC’s big 2019 events, the Wessex Challenge!

The Wessex Challenge has been a staple of our racing season for the past 3 years, after deciding to revive the classic Championship from yesteryear. Having seen large grids since its revival by the CPKC and with the hallowed WC plate on offer for the victors, its bound to be a competitive weekend of racing.

Make sure your get your entry in for Round 3 on the 14th April by going over to now!

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