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That wraps up another quality day of racing!

As the Chequered flag falls, with the sun setting along Sturmy Straight, Round 2 has officially come to an end.

Thanks to all of our Marshals and Officials, who had a little rain to make sure the chill got in, but still persevered to ensure the safety of all of our competitors Thanks to all of our Competitors, Mechanics, Family and Friends who came this month, especially those who come time and time again. We can’t do what we do without you. And lastly, thanks to all spectators and viewers of our Live Stream and Live Timing. We hope the Amazing Sam Hunt on Commentary helped to make the event come alive as much as he does around the circuit.

Our next event is on 14th April, the last chance for some racing practice before the hallowed Wessex Challenge in May, so make sure you get your entry in as soon as you can!

Entries will be opened up for the Wessex Challenge and Round 4, as well as some others in the next few days, so make sure you get your entries in for those too, to avoid missing out.

As usual, it will take a day or 3 to ensure all new memberships are collated before i can publish the Championships, but I’ll let you know when i do. In the mean time, please do head on over to the trophy presentation and help everyone to enjoy their success today.

Have a safe trip home and we hope to see you all again, for another amazing day of racing at Clay Pigeon Raceway!

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