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Sorry this is a bit late in updating you all but I have been mostly stuck on the floor with a bad back (sciatica) since my return from Clay last Wednesday. Just getting the photos posted truely was a labor of love!

To date we have raised £2,747.42 with one more auction fee to come in and a promised mystery donation, so watch this space. Considering we didn’t have any cash sponsorship this year it is an incredible figure to raise and the Club would like to say thank-you to all of you who donated raffle prizes, time or money to aid such a worthy cause.

We thoroughly enjoyed hosting the weekend and hope you all enjoyed yourselves too. Now we know what you like next year will be even better!

To Tom & Louise Alexander- your Aston Martin sports cars were the focal point of the show, especially as we were let down by a few other promised exhibits.  I still can’t figure out how the transporter fits in your garage though, unless it IS your garage 😉

To Richard & Sean from Poole Bay Racing- thanks for bringing your 2-seater Rotax and letting people experience a ride around the circuit. I wish I could have had a go too, but I doubt whether you would have been strong enough to haul me back out of it! I still haven’t forgotten being unceremoniously ‘uncorked’ from the F1 simulator we had at Clay a few years ago.

To Sam Jenkins and Max Tadd- your kart simulators were so much fun I think you should bring them to every race. It was great to see so many youngsters in a huddle and cheering eachother on.

To TJ Downton- who excelled himself handling the raffle. It was a long, hot and thankless task but you stuck at it and raised nearly £850.00 from ticket sales.

To Ross Deal (Junior TKM)- you sacrificed your crowning glory and raised over £600.00 by having your head shaved. It was an honor to see the look of pride on your parents’ faces. I was extremely saddened therefore to hear that your school were narrow-minded enough to place you on suspension for your lack of hair.

To Finches Fly- WOW….thank you all for donating your time and entertaining us in the evening. Harry Millward, how you had the energy to win the Junior TKM race on Saturday, get up on stage and play the drums all evening, then race again on Sunday is beyond me. People are still telling me how much they enjoyed having your band there, and I loved having the opportunity to have live music played to me while I was working in Race Control trying to set the grids for Sunday. And as for the Jimi Hendrix song you played for me, well, I laughed and cried at the same time. Thanks again guys!

To all who donated raffle prizes~ I don’t have a list of who gave what but some of the prizes were extremely generous, so thank-you once again. If they were donated on behalf of a business let me know the company name and I will publish it.

If I have missed anyone out, it’s not on purpose. It has taken me three days just to type the above so far. I am now going to hit the ‘publish’ button then ring the vet to come and put me out of my misery. If you do see me at Clay with wires sticking out of me and ice-packs affixed to my arse, please don’t make me laugh, it’ll hurt too much. Jo x

CPKC honouring JB



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