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And as expected, for the most part it’s wet and miserable! – At least its kind of warm though..

The summer holidays are upon us, and many of you are off, sunning yourselves in beautiful locations and enjoying a well earned break from school, work, or racing. For those of you who aren’t though, its some easy championship points and event trophies! With only 2 weeks left until Round 7, get your entries in asap to avoid missing out on the action. Entries will close at the end of next week (latest Friday 6pm). Cadets are noticeably short so far, where have you all gone?

The Rotax Festival is, of course, the weekend after, so make sure you Rotax drivers get your entries in for that too! If you are entering the O-Plate, make sure you change your class on the online entry screen to the Senior Max O-Plate class.

Do you want to get your brand noticed?

As we mentioned in one of our previous posts, we have TDI Media coming to the Rotax Festival, supported by JAG, to film the event for both Youtube and television. If you want to sponsor one of the classes in the festival, your brand could headline the class! Imagine having your company named alongside the winners of the event, as the ‘Insert Brand Here Junior Max Challenge’, or something similar. Any sponsorships will include banners on the broadcast as well as banners at the circuit for the next 12 months. For anyone who is interested, please do contact with Paul or Ian. They can be contacted at or by phone on 07443956053. Please do contact us as soon as you can to give us the best chance of preparing the banners for the event.

For a little taste of what we’re in for, take a look at the Super One playlist below..

Final note for today is regarding the O-Plate tires. If you haven’t already done so, please do get your tire order in to the club. O-Plate tires do need to be purchased through us and we need to make sure we have enough for everyone’s needs. Some drivers may want to practice on the tire brand they will be racing on, so don’t leave it to chance that we will have enough spare stock to go around. A tire order form can be found here –

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