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Round up for Round 5!

A little under 2 weeks separates us from Round 5. Get your entries in as soon as possible please to help us get the entries collated and the programs printed nice and smoothly. Don’t forget that you can enter now and pay later, just log out when prompted for payment and we will confirm your entry as soon as we can. Entry is easy with the online registration, just head to or click the ‘sign up’ button at the top of our Facebook Page.

We are in need of some extra hands on at our meetings, Lee Hodge, our Manual Lapscorer and Ryan Hodge, who checks the drop nose cones and performs the tyre checks, have decided to compete. If you fancy giving it a go, please do let us know. You can get in touch with us on Facebook or give our Chairman, Paul Skipp, a call on 07443 956053.

Manual Lapscorer: You’ll be in the technical hub of the circuit where we run the timing for the races, as well as host our social media campaign, keeping those both onsite and at home in touch with the action. You will need to be able to write down the numbers of the karts as they cross the line, which can, much of the time, be quite challenging. This is a task which becomes easier with practice. Whilst its a backup for the automated timing system, it is a requirement to run MSA meetings.

Drop Fairing Officer: You’ll be at the scrutineering bay, during the day, where you will be checking the front fairings of the karts as they come in at the end of the races, ensuring those which are incorrectly positioned are reported to the clerk. Whilst checking the front fairings, you will also be scanning random tires on the karts to ensure compliance with the championship regulations.

Some of you may spend your weekend doing little more than enjoying the racing, why not do it from some of the best seats in the house and earn some spending money while your at it?


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