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Round 3, entries closing Wednesday 7 May

Last call for entries for Round 3. Simon & I are setting the grids tomorrow so they can be put in the programs which you can collect at signing-on Saturday afternoon starting about 4:30 until 6:00 as each class finishes their last practice session of the day. No more having to squint through the window of race control Saturday night to see where you are on the grid in the morning!! You’ll have your own copy. Anyone wishing to enter after 12 noon tomorrow will be done as a late entrant and automatically start from the back.

I will be based in Race Control next to where John Barton will be doing scrutineering (unless it’s raining) so come equipped with your MSA licences (and parents, if necessary) as normal rules still apply. Anything really awkward will have to wait until Sunday I’m afraid.

Sally & I will still be doing the normal Sunday signing-on session from 8am as well but I am sure some of you will appreciate having the extra time to do preparation instead of standing in a queue, especially Sally who is racing in Senior TKM herself. Having your own set of heats each is a trial so let me know after the race what you think via our facepage, email, text or message in on a bottle. Asti Spumante will do very nicely. Jo  😉

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