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Round 2 Results

Follow the link on this page to view the results for Round 2.  We are aware of some issues with the places gained/lost in Round 1 and are working on resolving them so please bear with us.

We are all striving to get this Club back in the news for our current talent and not just the past ones, of which we have produced many. Any and all suggestions on improvements would be welcome by emailing me at

I apologise for the delay in posting the heats on Saturday night, I appreciate you all want to be as prepared as possible for race day. We still have a few teething problems to iron out with the new timing system but the more problems we encounter now the quicker we’ll get it fully operational.

I hope you all appreciated the new Saturday evening signing-on session! I had no idea it would be quite so popular so thanks for waiting in line patiently. I am trying to devise a way to issue a copy of the practice/heat order plus the full heats for each class to each relevent entrant on Saturday evening but in order to do so I would need to start closing the online entries down several days before the race. Of course late entries can still be accepted right up until race day but will incur the old additional charge of £10.00 admin fee and you will be placed at the back of the grid. I have managed to waive this so far this year but now everyone has pretty much got to grips with the new online entry system it’s time to get back to a normal routine. If waiting for payday is the only thing delaying your entry you can still put in a ‘pending’ entry early and I will honour it with no additional fee.

The championship points will be updated as soon as Simon is settled into his new house and has the internet installed. See you all again in a few weeks.  Jo

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