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Round 2 Comes to a Close

Round 2 Comes to a Close

After quite a long day for many drivers and officials, the Results for Round 2 of the Clay Pigeon Kart Club Championship have been finalised and are available at on our Results Page.

Thank you to all competitors, parents and guardians, mechanics, supporters, officials, marshals and everyone else involved in the event today. We saw some fantastic racing in some fantastic weather.

Round 3 is on 10th May and online entries have already been opened up for you to register nice and early! Remember that the earlier you register, the better the chance of a larger, more competitive (and fun!) grid!

Ill be working on the Championship tables in the next few days (not tonight, I’m pooped!) and I’ll let you know when they’re all ready and uploaded.

To all who made it today, thank you all and have a safe drive home. To those who watched online, thank you for your support and we look forward seeing you all again next month for Round 3!

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