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Round 2, 13th April 2014

Online entry is now open for Round 2. Follow the link on this page under “Next Round“.

We will be hosting the Formula Blue ‘O’ Plate race during this meeting so it will be a busy one again. Let’s hope the weather behaves and gives us a treat like Round 1 weekend. I have even had several reports of sunburn! …unheard of at Clay in March.

Everyone should now able to enter and PAY online in advance, even the visiting Blues. If not, please send a cheque to me with a written entry form or drop cash into the office at the circuit if you’re practicing any time. It would do me a huge favor as I hardly had time to watch the racing on Sunday!

And please make sure you observe the Novice box by answering yes or no.  Not only does it affect your entry price but also the grids, as a few of you discovered on Sunday. Only you know when you’re due to come off novice plates.  (work is in hand to try and alter your places gained/lost results as the computer has classed a few of you as starting in the mix rather than at the back as a novice)

I would like to say a huge thank-you to everyone that has sent in messages of support for all of us working at Clay, we really appreciate being appreciated!! It’s great to have the feedback (whether good or bad) and your smiling faces are a bonus to us all.

I was issued a walkie-talkie for the first time and I heard lots of chatter about the cadet and junior classes starting off rather exuberantly (not the words the marshals used!). Please pay attention at drivers’ briefing and adhere to the flags and hand signals. Being the first one to hit the tyre wall isn’t the aim of the game, and it’s definitely not Banger Racing! Ok, lecture over from Big Momma, you won’t get one from me very often, I promise!

I have just had an enquiry from a Taunton radio station wanting to do an interview about Clay. Hopefully I can arrange to have them down on race day to catch as many of you chatterboxes as possible. The aim is to encourage more children/families into local sporting events. You will also be able to leave him your contact details for the possibility of a future live interview on the radio. If you want bigger grids we need YOU to help us spread the word.  More details on this to follow.   See you all again soon. Jo

MAR 2014 CPKC, Round 1 192
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