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Rotax Classes – Tyres

As previously posted, due to the shortage of Mojo tyres for all Rotax classes, the committee made the decision that the CPKC 2022 championship would move over to Maxxis Sport tyre for all Rotax Classes for the remaining 7 rounds of the championship. All Rotax classes are allowed a maximum of 4 sets of slick tyres for the 7 remaining rounds. Unfortunately, we cannot source sufficient wet tyres to go to another wet tyre, therefore the wet tyre for all Rotax classes remains the Mojo W5. Whilst not an ideal situation, this is the only solution available to us at this time. For Rotax competitors at this weekend’s Wessex Challenge, you may use a maximum of 2 sets of Maxxis Sports, one set on each day. If you are registered for the club championship, the set you use on Sunday counts as one of your 4 sets. any queries please get in touch

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