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Pigeon Post – September 2015


Pigeon Post

Round 7 – September 2015

Welcome to the Clay Pigeon Kart Club September Round of our Club Championship and we also extend a welcome to our visitor’s racing in the Two Counties Kart Club Championship and the Interclub 177 Challenge.

Its good to see a good Honda Cadet grid and the increasing number of Senior Max competitors.

To enable us to maintain 7 minute + 1 lap heats and a 12 minute + 1 lap final, we have amalgamated the Cadet grid with the IAME competitors starting approx 50-100 yards behind the Honda Cadets. The Junior Rotax, Junior Blue and Junior TKM will run together on a mixed grid and trophies will be presented to each class providing their are more than 3 in the class. Senior Blue and Senior TKM will run together with Senior TKM started in front of the Blues.

Unfortunately we are unable to use the new race control building but the work inside is progressing well.

As to the future in 2016 we will be having the official opening of our new building and hopefully with a Grand Prix Star “cutting the tape”. We will be announcing shortly some interesting promotions for our 2016 Club Championship – so watch this space!!

This is really the last “summer meeting” of 2015 and hopefully we will have some sunshine.


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