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Due to a technical hitch, its a month late, but isn’t it worth the wait!

Jamie Robinson has finally uploaded the Mini Max video he has been slaving over for the last month and its absolutely fantastic!

I’m sure you will all agree, the work he has been doing this year on the class movies has just been going from strength to strength, and we cant wait for what else is in store.

For those who can’t find the video (the crafty sod put it on the circuit YouTube account 😉  ) Desktop users can see the video embedded below, mobile users will need to click here.

This post is likely to swallow my previous, so i’ll put out another quick notice: Don’t forget that you have 24 more hours to get your entries in for Round 8 to be included in the mixed grid, any entries beyond 8pm on Friday will be counted as late and you will have to start from the back.

Have a great night, we’ll so you all on Sunday.


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