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Novice Trophies

Hi Guys,

It seems there may have been some confusion with regards to novice trophies. Hopefully, this will help clear things up.

Whilst we are willing to accommodate drivers and parents wishes alike by treating drivers as a novice and allow them to start from the back, we can only award novice trophies to those true novices who are still obtaining their first 6 signatures (including the ARKS test).

Novice trophies will be awarded to the NOVICE that gains the highest number of places in the Final race in the following categories only.

  1. Cadet (Iame, Honda, Comer) combined = 1 in 5

  2. Junior (MiniMax, Junior Rotax, Junior TKM) = 1 in 5

  3. Senior (TKM Extreme, RotaxMax, 177, Masters, Prokart) =1 in 5

There will not be trophies awarded for individual classes.

If you guys have any questions, please feel free to drop us a comment on our Facebook Page

Charity Trophy Presentation
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