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Made Your Soap Box Yet?

At this year’s Cancer Research UK fundraiser, we are hosting a very special event.. Paul Skipp has been hard at work building ramps for this year’s Soap Box Race that we’re expecting to be a huge head turner for all involved.

All you need to do spend some extra time in the shed and put one together and you could have something else to celebrate in July.

The race will be held on the Saturday evening, if you think you can tear yourself away from the other activities we will have on for you and run down our track in a machine of your own making, please feel free to get your saws out and show us all how creative you can really be.

Please do let us know if you are planning on taking part as it will help us schedule the evening.

Just to give you an idea of whats to come, take a look at what the Red Bull F1 team got up to at the Red Bull 2013 Soap Box Race in London.

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