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Live from the sweat-box!

Compared to last month, this has been almost perfect!

The weather has been beautiful, even if many of us are now just a puddle of goo on the floor from the heat, the racing has been close and very competitive through the field.

Forgive how short this post is, but it’s really one of those days where you want to just sit in an ice-bath in nothing but your underwear! Thank you, of course, to all of our Drivers, Teams, Marshals, Officials, Organisers, Medical Staff, Spectators and everyone else who has made it here to enjoy the weather and racing. Without you all, there would be no club and no championship.

Results are available from and the championship tables will be up as soon as I’ve unstuck myself from the chair.

On a final note, for those of you who haven’t yet signed up for the Rotax Festival, i would highly recommend doing so! Not only are the O Plates on hand for the winning drivers, but i have just heard of some magnificent prizes on offer.

Entries are open for the next club round, as well as the Rotax Festival over at

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