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Let’s Try Something New…

Let’s Try Something New…

We all loved the racing on Sunday, we had fantastic grids and the Senior TKM’s especially gave us some amazing, close racing. We know that when deciding whether or not to race at an event, the entry list can be what makes a driver decide whether to make the trip or not, so why don’t we get the entry list going already?

Many of you like to leave it until the week before to enter, its easy, its on your mind and most of you will have just been paid. But what if you entered this week instead? – a bigger entry list early on will get more drivers to make their way down and the racing can only get better. Remember, when you enter, you can always pay later. Let’s see if we can get 60 entries by Sunday 19th April.

Thanks to Oli Nich-Smith for letting us use his video, he’s always putting video’s up from the club meets so be sure to check out his YouTube channel.

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