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After all that has happened since our last meeting the time is drawing close to resuming our club meeting. It is great to see so many keen to compete. With the ever changing situation we ask that you help us to run a safe and enjoyable meeting by following the social distancing recommendations and requests of the officials.

There are a few things that are still outstanding before some of you are able to join in the excitement.

Although you have registered for the event please be aware that you will no longer be able to sign on as you have in the past, all signing on is now on line and digital. When you registered Alpha Timing sent message (please check your spam folder). Before coming to the circuit make sure that have signed on and submitted your scutineering details. If you are unsure please see below.

Login to your profile.

Open Motorsport UK Karting Garage and complete sign-on.

Return to you Profile.

 Open Event Scrutineering and enter your equipment details.

There are also a few things that I think is worth reiterating

1. Spectators are not allowed.

2. No dogs are allowed.

3. A maximum of 2 persons with each driver.

Good luck to everyone.

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