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It’s that time of the month again!

If you haven’t entered into the final championship round yet, you might just miss out on having your name published in the event’s program. That could potentially result in commentators not knowing who you are, which could mean confusion for the spectators, which leads to incorrect reports home, which causes frustrations to spill over to the streets. The people, not content with the confusion caused demand truths and march on the circuit, demanding to know your whereabouts, this delays racing the the finals are reduced. The issue gets cleared up and the race gets under-way. After a thrilling 5 laps, you have made it from mid pack to fourth, looking set for the win, the chequered flag falls and you miss out on the podium. …

See, I really think it’s in your best interest to get your name in the program 😉

You can still enter online for Round 9. Get your entry in ASAP to avoid missing out.



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