• Alex Downes


I knew there was something i forgot last night!

Whilst we made an announcement made over the tannoy yesterday, i forgot to post a link on our Website and Facebook Pages towards the Grids for today’s event!

Cadet: https://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/cadet-grids/

Minimax: https://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/minimax-grids/

Junior Max: https://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/junior-max-grids/

Senior Max: https://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/senior-max-grids/

Rotax 177: https://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/rotax-177-grids/

Senior Blue: https://www.claypigeonkartclub.com/formula-blue-grids/


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