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Goodbye 2016


With just one more week until Christmas, its time to reflect on the past year.

In a time where MSA license numbers and driver attendance has taken a down-turn, we decided something drastic was required. With the help of Wey Valley Mazda, we decided to put a car up for grabs for 1 lucky member who raced with us this year. With a strong number of members, and with the first round of the Rotax Regional championships at the start of the year, it looked like we were on track. The attendance then leveled out, but the intensity of the racing grew.

Whilst the Grand Prize may not have impacted the grid sizes as we had hoped, we certainly cannot call this past year anything but a success. Drawing new members to the shores of England from the Channel Islands, providing edge-of-your seat action down to the last round, and giving one family in particular a Christmas to remember (and dragging them away from home to come collect a car).

With the sleigh bells ringing, our sights are set to the 2017 season.

Having secured a round of the British Championships, Reviving the Wessex Championships, starting the Rotax Festival as well as hosting an array of other visiting championships, preparations are under-way for for the 2017 calendar. Dates are online and they are also available in a shared calendar with details on how to best access it.

Memberships are already available and membership forms can be obtained from our web site. The online booking systems are being set up for the coming year and entries can be expected to go live in January.

2017 will be a fantastic year for us at Clay Pigeon, why not join us for it? – a circuit where quality racing comes first.

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