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Final Instructions for the Wessex Challenge

4th May 2021

Final Instructions

Clay Pigeon Kart Club request to run the judicial process as detailed in the Regulation Changes Ratified by Board – 3 June 2020.

U21.1.1 Interclub status kart events may operate the above Clerk of the Course Judicial process where specific authority has been requested by the Organiser and has been given by Motorsport UK for the purpose of the Event Permit. Such Permission must be clearly notified in the Supplementary Regulations for the Event and/or any final instructions.

For the following dates:- 8th May; 9th May; 13th June; 11th July; 8th August; 15th August; 12th September; 10th October; and 14th November.

And have received the following statement from MSUK

Many thanks for the email , that is fine I would suggest that if you issue FIs for the meeting I would put them in there.

Kind regards

Dan Parker

Karting Manager


The tyres used for the Wessex Challenge (8th May 2021) do not count towards the championship allocation.

P Skipp

Competition Secretary

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