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Final chance to make up the gap!

The Championship tables have now been updated after Round 8 of the Championship, now is the time to take a look, with 25 bonus points on the line just for signing on in the morning, a total of 200 points is up for grabs in the 9th and Final Round of the CPKC 2016 champs on 13th November.

To check out the championship tables, head on over to where you can view them in pdf version. You can also check out the latest edition of the raffle ticket list for the end of the year draw.

Please do check make sure that any issues with the championship tables or raffle ticket list are reported to us ASAP (easiest is through Facebook) as we don’t want any issues coming into the final round (or anyone querying champ points from the start of the year, just after the results for the final round are published – *shakes fist*). Also – for the sake of ensuring the raffle is as fair as fair can be, again, please do check the tickets we are tracking are correct. Just a reminder – all entries as a member get you another ticket in the raffle, as long as you signed up for a membership before you signed on, you should have a ticket for that round. Going over your tyre allocation does not stop you from getting a ticket, or exclude you from the championship, it just means you don’t qualify for championship points for the round(s) you use ‘illegal’ tyres.

Please do check out the champ tables, the ticket list, and our online entry portal, supplied by Alpha Timing 😉 .

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