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Exciting news on the Rotax Festival!

With thanks to the support of J.A.G Rotax, we are proud to announce that the Winner of the Senior Rotax O-Plate will win a ticket to the Rotax Grand Finals 2017 in Portugal!

You will need to have an appropriate license and to get yourself there, but lets face it, the cost of a budget airline and hotel with nothing required but your Helmet, and suit is worth the prestige of Fighting it out for Britain in Europe!

Not only that but the Rotax Festival is taking off with yet another award available for for the Minimax entering the weekend. We are now going to be hosting the Minimax E Plate!

So – The total for the weekend so far: 2 Days of racing especially for Rotax Classes Senior Rotax getting twice the fun with the option to battle it out for the 2017 O Plate and ticket to the Rotax Grand Finals. Minimax entrants into the Rotax Festival are fighting to win the 2017 E Plate.

We’re looking into putting the festival back into the weekend with some evening entertainment to ensure the weekend is one that you will enjoy so much, you’ll have your 2018 entry in on the first day, so keep your ears open for the latest news.

If you haven’t done so already, get your entry in at

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