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Entries are open for EVERYTHING!


We have opened up the online entries for the Rotax Festival! – and everything inbetween for good measure! So, Round 6 – joined by the 2 Counties Kart Club, is open for entries as soon as you lovelies find your way to! – pleasepleasepleaseplease do it soon, after last month I don’t think I can take it again!

That also means that Round 7 is open – so if you wanted to scratch that off as another job done, you can always enter for August’s meeting at the same time. Don’t forget that you can always enter now and pay later by leaving at the point of payment, your entry will be confirmed by us shortly after.

But – back to the big topic! Entries are open for the Rotax Festival which is incorporating the Senior Rotax O Plate. at £100 for festival entries and £120 for O Plate entries, with and entire weekend’s racing and some amazing prizes up for grabs, you’ll find it hard to beat! Be sure to check out the regs by hitting the link on the side of our website or by clicking the PDF icon below.

Final point for now – sorry for not having updated the Championship tables, i was a ninny and forgot to get the latest list of Memberships from the Club office, so I’m just waiting on getting those before I can collate the tables after Round 5. I’ll get these done for you ASAP.

We will be releasing more (VERY juicy) information on the festival and O Plate in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back regularly for the latest Festival and O Plate news!

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