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Dont Forget!

Entries are open for the first Round of the 2017 CPKC Championship! Just click on the Sign Up button at the top of our facebook page or head over to

We want to put the club spirit back into our weekends. We have decided to start up a new committee to try and organise evening entertainment at the circuit on the Saturday Nights before race day, but – we have little imagination and need some help!

If anyone is in the best position to let us know what wouldn’t go amiss, its you guys! – you know how much time you have outside of prepping the karts and you know how you would like to spend your time in the evenings. If you have any ideas, please do check out the group CPKC Social Committee group on Facebook and let us know. Members of the committee are typically hard at work over the weekend, so we are also looking at volunteers to help organise and (if required) run the events. This is a blank slate and, within reason, we can make the evening anything you want. We just need to be able to ensure its feasible and we are permitted to do it by the circuit.

Lastly – don’t forget that a little work is required at the start of each season to prep for the Championship ahead. Our annual Work Party is on 5th February this year, and there will be things you can do to help us get ready. If you are at the circuit and find yourself with free time, or you just fancy a day away from home, please do come along and help out. The list is short and we wont need much of your time at all.

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