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It’s a scary word, isn’t it? – Commitment..

We will all come across that defining moment in our lives where we need to make the decision to face our fears head on or run, as we have done so many times before. To decide if we are capable of seeing it through to the very end, no matter how near or far that may be..

Well, now it’s your turn to face your fears…

Signing on is open..

Those who have entered should have had an email with the link to sign on to Round 7 of the CPKC championship. Those of you who are still yet to enter, please do no wait – due the new processes in place, we have decided to move the cut off for registrations and signing on forward to midnight of the Thursday Night/Friday Morning before the event. That means if you haven’t registered or signed on by Friday 7th August, you are too late.

So, what are you waiting for? – commit now and save yourself the heartache of missing out on possibly (probably not), the greatest weekend of your life!

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